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EQ Experiences?

Thinking about doing EQ next cycle. I’m thinking test 250 and eq 700 for 14-16 weeks. Anyone have any good or bad experiences with EQ??
Any feedback would be great thanks :pray:

Running EQ at 600mg right now with 200mg test.

Im feeling pretty lethargic I must say but that may be because I frontloaded 2000mg in my first week. Im currently on my 3rd week and appetite is starting to kick in alongside some vascularity. You’ll enjoy but if its your first run with EQ I would go with 600mg as a maximum.


Keep me updated throughout your cycle. Would love to see how things go for you!

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Exact same cycle I plan on running later this year. Keep us posted.

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Will do. I’ll post an update in my thread soon.


Hey Singh, any updates for us buddy?

Yes. I’m very interested in EQ so an update would be awesome