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EQ Cycle Length?


As I'm sure many of you are aware, there's a lot of conflicting opinions out there about Equipoise. I was thinking of using it in a winter mass cycle, as test has little effect on my appetite, and Eq is known for both increases in RBC and appetite. However, I keep hearing guys talk about how it takes a real long time to get online in the cycle. Sometimes as long as 8wks. This is only my third cycle, so I'm a bit put off by both the price and the length of a 16/20wk cycle.

Anyone know how long it'll take Eq to get stable and get working? Would it be more useful for me to use deca or tren instead?


ghrp6 is better for appetite enhancement


I understand that, but this is early in my steroid career, and I'd rather take it one step at a time. So my questions are as follows:

How long does a cycle including EQ have to be for the best results? Is 12wks at say, 400 per week enough?

Would money be better spent on a test/tren or test/deca cycle for a winter mass cycle?


Hey Buddy,

hows it going. Well EQ seems a pretty decent option compared to Deca. Im actually considering doing an EQ cycle now as well....it will be my 3rd cycle. Unfortunately my last cycle with Deca shut my down so badly that I lost most of my gains from the previous cycle and even though i was eating like a horse i was still battling to put on weight....been on HCG with the help of Bill's advice on here..things have started coming right and im able to hold some weight now so its good.

as for EQ cycle length. Ive read it kicks in around the 6th week and the gains are more quality gains than quantity. That said, it doesnt shut you down as badly as Deca so recovery is better or easier to achieve. I plan on doing a Dbol (kickstart) - EQ and TestE cycle...only 8 weeks though. I know its short and by the time i finish the EQ would have just about started kicking in...but the idea is to keep the cycle short so recovery is easier..i hear its better to do shorter cycles than longer ones...i also dont plan on cycling forever ...i want to get some quality muscle on and maintain it...