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EQ Cycle and HCT

I’m looking at starting my next cycle in a couple weeks and it will be my first time trying EQ. My two recent labs in the past 6 months show my HCT at 48 and 50% respectively.

37 yr old
190lbs currently and 15% BF

5-10lbs lean mass

Cycle Plan:
Weeks 1-15 EQ @ 500mg/wk
Weeks 1-15 Test C @ 350mg/wk
Weeks 1-6 Tbol @ 50mg/day

No PCT, on TRT.

My concern is that I don’t know how much the EQ will raise my HCT. I’m sure its an individual thing but I would like to know if anybody else has gotten labs before and during cycle to see how much your HCT increased. How high can you let it go?


My understanding is it can go a lot higher then we make it seem on a lot of threads. You could probably run this cycle and even if it gets a bit high be 100% fine not donating blood. Having high HCT for a few months isn’t going to kill you. (having it really high for a long time can tho)

Thats doesn’t neccarily make it best practice tho. In an ideal world you donate once it start getting high. Or some donate at the beginning of the cycle.

I have to admit I’m guilty of not paying much attention to my HCT I run bloods before blast, midway, and if needed again at end. But I often leave HCT out. I did have it checked before this last blast and It was a tad high I hate going to those donation places because you have to lie on the forms and shit so il just drain 500mls myself when the time comes.

Edit: cycle looks solid I’m a fan of orals at the end or midway but sense your already on trt using at the beginning will be almost the same.

I take my cues from Physio on this topic. I asked a similar question a while back and he basically said not to worry about it unless it gets way, way out of range. I’m definitely interested to see how this works for you. EQ has always appealed to me on paper but it would be cool to see a log from someone who is my age and has roughly the same stats as me (although you’re a little more lean than I am).

I will let you know how it goes. I’ve been blasting test 2x a year and sometimes throwing in an oral. Even at 600mg of test I’m not seeing much movement surprisingly anymore. Granted I’m on TRT and have run test so many times now that maybe my receptors don’t give a shiz anymore about bumping the test. My last blast I was up to 200lb so I can’t say 10lb gains are nothing. I just always seem to settle back into 190lb. I would love to keep 5lbs from this cycle.

On another rant… I really love Deca and hate that it gave me ED. I grow like a weed on that stuff. I’m almost hesitant to give NPP a go and just mix in some Cialis in the future but this one I’ve settle on the Eq.

After a blast have you ever watched your HCT to see how long it takes to drop back down? Really dont want to have to give blood. But i dont even know if mine is going to go out of range blasting in the first place. Been looking into meters for testing at home

To be honest, I’ve not had my HCT checked before, during or after. However, I did donate blood a week ago (8 weeks into EQ) and I feel so much better, I cant explain why or how but I just do.

Sorry not much help there.


Does anybody know if its safe for others to donate blood while on a cycle? My only avenue is a blood bus and I wouldn’t want to do something unsafe/unethical.

There’s some way to do it where you lie at first then call back. I really don’t know never done it but I know you can do it without giving someone juicy blood.

Thats why i just take it into my own hands grab some 100ml syringes fill 5 of them things up and call it a day.

Disclaimer : don’t try this unless you have at least some experience in drawing blood or are very confident in your ability to do so. It sounds intense but it’s really pretty simple.

That shouldnt be a problem. They checl your HCT to make sure its not too high. A small amount of aas won’t hurt the recipient