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EQ/Boldenone Only Cycle


For a few months now I have been doing research about my first cycle, and have had my heard set on a standard Test-E only cycle of around 500mg EW for 10 weeks followed by the p22 taper.

Lately I have been reading a lot about Equipoise and it really interests me. I don't see as much discussion on it at this forum as on other steroids, so I am making this thread just to ask what you guys think of a EQ-only cycle for a beginner's cycle.

I have heard elsewhere that an EQ-only cycle is good for a beginner because it is basically Testosterone Lite in its anabolic and aromatization intensity. Also, I want to run it alone because I want my first cycle to be just ONE compound so that way later on I can tell what side effects came from what drug, rather than not knowing what caused what. Also $$ is an issue.

The release of EPO resulting in added stamina, along with the ravenous appetite also seem like amazing side effects.

So, what do you guys think of an EQ-only cycle, and if it's not too much trouble, what would a good dosage and time length be for such a cycle? What would PCT look like? I assume I wouldn't need an AI during the cycle, (unless I find out I am really, really prone to estrogen) but is the taper protocol only for test? Would just a simple 40/40/20/20 of nolva 2 weeks after my last injection be fine?

Here is what I have drawn up so far:

Week 1-12: 500mg EQ EW
Week 14: 40mg Nolva ED
Week 15: 40mg Nolva ED
Week 16: 20mg Nolva ED
Week 17: 20mg Nolva ED


test E for your first.research more and you will learn why this has been discussed dozens of times on here.


EPO stands for Erythropoietin, which is itself a compound. EQ does not "release" Erythropoietin, what you're thinking is the increase in RBCs which is known as Erythropoiesis. Also, I'm not sure where you read that it causes "ravenous appetite," but this is a great exaggeration.


Do what you like. My first cycle didn't involve test at all, but in hindsight, adding a little bit would have made the cycle better, however it is not neccessary for achieving your goals.

keep in mimd though the long release time on the undecylinate ester. Factor in that it will still be releasing in you body six weeks following your last injection, so the waiting period part of the test taper is very important.


I'd like to know more about the rumour that the original strategy was to make an injectable form of Dbol; Boldenone Undecyclenate was the result of the project.

It is, from what I can find, virtually chemically identical to methandrostenolone except it has the undecyclenate ester as opposed to the alkyl (sp?) @ the 17th alpha position.

It seems to give similair LBM gains + the increase in well-being.

Anyone know who was the original pharm. corp. who developed it? CIBA? Anyone?


Does it matter?


I don't get an increased sense of well being from EQ and Dbol isn't notorious for lean muscle gains. Although the chemicals structure is very similar the actual effects of the drugs (at least for myself) are very different.


I love EQ for many reasons: it is great for endurance, it is great for connective tissues, and it is one of the most hairline friendly AAS out there.

You could stack it with 200-300mg of TestE a week. That's not much so side effects are not a problem, and you still add on to the gains of EQ alone, and you have some Test on hand to do a Taper PCT.


Does it matter who cooked the last meal you ate?


Bad copy. Say again, over.


if this is correct then thats kinda neat, good gains with low sides. is there any test-EQ ratio like the test-deca, or doesnt it matter?


Not necessarily.

An even 50/50 split of Test/EQ is often heard of. Although most people tend to go with 60/40 ish, from my observation.


cool deal, good to know. thats an intriguing stack, to me at least.


My opinion of EQ and general steroid use >

Equipoise is widely used on million dollar race horse for a reason. I mean think about it for a sec. A winning race horse can easily make the owner millions of dollars. Wouldn't you agree that the owner would use any drug he could if it meant his horse would win and thereby making him alot of $$$? Of course he would, and what do alot of race horse trainers use? Boldenone Undecyclenate? Why? Because it produces results w/out damaging the horses health.


Sure Test or Dbol will make you gain more "weight", that's for sure. But ^ that "weight" will be water, i.e., a side effect which you don't need.

BTW, the word "Equipoise" has nothing to do with horses whatsoever. The word "Equipoise" means balance, as in a drug which is meant for exogenous hormonal replacement which will give "balance". Veterinarians use 1.2mg per kilo of bodyweight for freakin elephants if that helps any.


These internet boards are mostly filled w/ kids and losers who know less than nothing about drugs, endocrinology, etc. I'm not saying I do by any means. I am saying the fact millions of dollars are trusted in the veterinary use of Equipoise, i.e., Boldenone Undecyclenate. But bear in mind NO hormonal drug was EVER intended for bodybuilding, i.e., athletic use. All athletic use of anabolics is an additional use.

I wish someone had told me the ^ above years ago.



i have heard alot about why not to use eq only.but since this would be the first steriod you have introduced to you body,your body will take advantage.my first cycle was eq only and i took it for 14 weeks at 500mg a week.it worked really well and i gained about 18 pounds off it.i loved eq.my next cycle is going to be test e and eq.


I still would like hear of others experiences w/ EQ. It seems engineered for L-O-N-G cycles (8-12wks).


i dont know if i would consider 8-12 weeks L-O-N-G; i would consider the time since the last time you got laid L-O-N-G....mwahahahah but anyway yes EQ needs to be ran for a decent amount of time.


Yea your right. 8 weeks is def not long. 12 weeks is relatively long, at least to me it is. I honestly can't see anyone being ON more than 16 weeks. Seems like the family jewels would nothing but a pathetic couple of raisins by week 16.


HCG and short bridging between long test cycles