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EQ as AI on Cruise?

I’ve always had problems controlling my estrogen on blasts. I finally found a good dose of arimidex for my 250mg cruise dosage, but this last blast I realized if I took 1.75x as much Sustanon as EQ, my estrogen is great, regardless of the actual doses. No gyno, wiener works perfectly and often, incredible libido and very dry, lean look

I’m probably going to go with the same when I cruise: 262.5mg Sustanon & 150mg EQ and no AI

Has or does anyone do this? Using EQ or primo or whatever on a cruise as an AI with a little more anabolic effect?

And for the resident trolls here, I’m just asking for people with real experience, not the useless Pub MD opinions of „cruises should be just test“ or „that’s a mini cycle not a cruise“ or whatever

Thanks in advance

I also have high e2 and EQ kills it perfectly. My first issue with this would be that when i was on 400mg of test, i was pinning not more than 100mg of EQ a week(half a cc once a week) and my e2 was still kind of low. Not at start - but the longer it works, the more it suffocates my e2…
So i would agree with EQ instead of AI on a blast, yes - it looks like you have your dosages in check and know how much you need to take.

My second issue with your plan is the dosage.
260mg of test might be a cruise if you are at least 250lbs with some abs. I still believe its on the high side but i would probably do the same.
But adding 150mg of EQ - thats no longer a cruise man. That is just a shitty blast.

Well the point of a cruise is to minimize steroid use and CRUISE with no toughts of anabolic effects, right?
If you add an extra drug, you are basically doing a mild shit blast on more than 400mgs a week.
260mg of test still taxes you a bit. That extra 150mg of EQ wont let you recover and rest from steroid abuse.
There are people who use primo on a cruise, but they cruise on like 70mgs of test and like 70-100mgs of primo. Not 260mgs of test.
If you combine 2 drugs on a cruise, the dosage should be even less than you would just do a test cruise on.
So if you wanna do this and actually cruise for health, recovery, longevity, and getting your body ready for the next blast - half the dosages AT best - so 130mg of test and like 75mg of EQ…
To recover from steroids - taking AI might be a better option than adding a steroid in the mix.

Im also kind of sure that you dont need a 260mg cruise of test. I would love you to post some pictures of yourself, but 250-300mg cruise is for people around 250lbs with abs, and even then - it might be a bit much.

If you are interested in anabolic effect that doesnt tax your body like steroids do - 2iu of GH a day, or maybe look into MK677… Or insulin. I cant comment much on last two because im just beginning to test them myself.

TL:DR - the point of a cruise is to NOT USE STEROIDS. Adding more steroids to a cruise just doesnt make any sense. 260mgs of test alone for many people is a cycle. If you need “more anabolic effect” than on 260mgs of test, then the problem is not in the anabolic effect.


This would be my thinking too while on a cruise. Esp since it’ll likely be a small dose of AI. Save the rest for the blast and maximize them. I’ve seen a few guys on here take like 150mg test and 50 mast or primo tho and do pretty well.

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I’m currently experimenting with this. 175mg test cyp and 100mg EQ. Not sure if it will do anything but thought I’d try. Nothing to report.


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Just out of curiosity, why would taking an AI be better than another steroid in a low dose, so long as it was a low dose? Both are manipulating your hormones and have sides. Do you feel the sides and risks are lower with an AI? I’m truly asking not trying to be argumentative. If the risk profiles are similar, why not add AAS at a therapeutic dose?

That’s actually my point. It’s like guys who drop their pain meds for low dose deca, do you think it would be healthier to take high doses of pain meds that destroy the liver than to low dose a FDA approved hormone?
To mask the pain and injury than to lubricate the joints?
I never felt so good on an AI as I do EQ in this ratio so I’ll let the trolls complain about how it’s a cycle, etc and live my best life
I may look into decreasing the cruise dose, but keeping the 1.75:1 ratio, but I have time to decide before my blast is over

Hey Singh, may I ask why you started this experiment? What you expected and why it isn’t living up to your expectations?
I just wanted to blast EQ without destroying my E2 and when I found I could use it as the best AI ever and feel better than ever, even as I change the doses, I knew I was on to something life changing for me

Aside from the fact I asked for people with experience doing this, specifically not the typical, „that’s a blast bro“ answers

Aren’t you the guy who said people should go on 400-500 test long term and bragged about 1,000 test and 800 tren for a year?

If I’m right and that was you, your reply looks like a crackhead calling a guy on medical marijuana a junkie

It’s an interesting thread. Last cruise I did was with low dose EQ which most don’t like. The forums will all tell you EQ has to be above 400mg/wk for long periods. Lower dose EQ has been one of my favs with no sides. I’m sure other AAS are stronger, I’m just done experimenting and I’ll stick to what I know doesn’t give me sides. After my bloods I’ll likely lower my TRT and add the difference in EQ for a while.

No, i never said anyone should do anything. And i am not here to teach anyone to make my mistakes. I am suggesting better and smarter options. When i did what i did, there was no one to help me.

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Yes, esp .125-.25mg of anastrozole per week, for example. I’m not of the opinion that AI’s are poison when used at reasonable doses and keeping e2 in a healthy range (whatever that is for you). EQ takes a long time to reach stability, and takes a long time to clear out. In his case, don’t remember how long he planned to cruise for. And there’s the increase in HCT that we always have to look out for while blasting, no reason to also carry that side effect into a cruise if you can help it.

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Nope, but the poison is in the dose, right? And neither of those options is actually addressing the injury anyway. Both are FDA approved, if that even matters really.

In your case, give it a shot. Let us know how it worked (or didn’t) for you

Opinions are different than research, but that’s what I like about the forums.

I would agree. If you can show me the research that says using a small dose of AI to keep estrogen in a healthy range for men has long-term harmful effects, I will gladly change my stance. Always looking to learn new things with regards to hormones.

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I’ve come across a lot of threads that state the same thing in regard to EQ lowering e2. Run your cycle for 16 weeks and have your e2 measured. You most likely have other labs to compare to. I also struggle with high e2 on TRT, so during my next blast cycle I’ll run a 1:1 test/EQ for e2 management.

You might have to play with the ratio a little
1:1 dropped my E2 too low so I increased it slowly and found 1.75:1 test:EQ was perfect
Your ratio may vary

So anyone on the pharma forum that posts something different than what you have experienced is a troll? I am surprised anyone on our forum even replies to your post. You seem to know it all and need no help from this group.

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