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EQ Aromitization

I watched this video on MPMD yesterday. Thought it was a pretty good analysis of EQ and conversion to estrogen. A few points that stuck out to me.

  1. The reported 50% conversion rate that so often gets thrown out seems to come from a study that used the Roche estrogen test that is not very accurate, and IIRC measures E1, E2, and E3, not just E2. Additionally, it was done with rabbits, not humans.

  2. In an anecdotal report with high test and high EQ cycle blood work, E2 was crushed, but E1 was also measured, and was way higher than the high end of the range.

  3. In the video, Derek made a guess to what actually is going on. His guess is just that, a guess after looking at data. I thought if was a reasonable guess though. He suggests that EQ is not an AI, but competes for aromatase with test. However, it is far better at binding, and shuts out all the test from converting into E2. He suggests that the EQ is converting into E1.

What are your guys thoughts on this? This is a question I have had for some time, but haven’t gotten answers that satisfy me.

I watched the same video and everything he said made sense, I’d probably agree with his educated guess.

Was considering running EQ soon but after watching this I’m now worried about tanking my E2 levels. Unless there is any way to avoid such a drop in E2, then I’m considering NPP at this point.

I’d be interested in seeing a discussion here. Hopefully some of the geniuses can drop some knowledge on this.

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The more I learn, the less compounds I want to use. Right now, I am thinking Test, Mast, Primo (if I can get it legit and don’t need a second mortgage), Tbol, and Var are on my approved list. EQ used to be on that list, but it just sounds hard to manage. Do I crash my E2 on it? Do I get gyno from E1 on it?

I am also interested in DHB, but I need to do more research, as this is kinda a newish designer drug. I need to see more reports on it. It is really hard to find anything on it.


I agree with you. I got Test, Var and primo which I’m probably going to run. The rest turns me off a bit

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Have you looked into Tbol? It doesn’t convert to estrogen, and has low androgenic effects. I think the sides are close to that of Var. Supposedly it is a bit better for mass, and less so for strength than Var. I am planning on trying it in my next blast.

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I read your post about it and it seems tempting. I’ll put it under “maybe” haha

They are like “vitamins” to the Germans.

Edit: this article is not very good IMO. It just mentioned that the Germans used it in the Olympics.

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Did you know I’m german? Since for me it is like a vitamin, starting tomorrow I’ll throw it in my vitamins and fish oil stack.

I always thought the Lord was Jewish, but I guess the pictures in my Bible looked more German. I don’t know what to think now.

I used to run EQ and loved it. No hair loss, like I get from androgenic compounds, less acne. Plenty of strength and size, that lasts longer than most other compounds. Joint relief too. Now I only buy scripted gear, that won’t get me arrested, again. I would buy it again in a heartbeat if I could get it legally.
Deca is the only commonly available steroid, that is less androgenic that does a lot of good stuff for size and strength, and joint relief without excessive hair loss, and acne. EQ doesn’t have the risk of deca dick though.

Never had a problem with EQ tanking my E2 whilst on it. Had plenty of tanking issues whenever I tried to use an AI, on any type of gear, even high test. Just took a small dose of nolva on cycle, to stop any nipple itchiness from the test base.

Only used 400mg/week, apart from some frontloading experiments, with 1200mg a week which were not positive, due to anxiety, high blood pressure.

You have to go by how you feel, and the actual results you get when you are on any type of steroid. Don’t rely on a textbook, or someone else’s experience, if a substance is not working for you the way you had hoped.
Most people think EQ is a weak steroid, so they end up taking way too much, then complain when it gives them side effects like low E2. Maybe if they experimented with a lower dose they would find the sweet spot.


I ll run mast primo test soon bro amd the reason is same as you i try avoid nor 19 and eq avoid for reason of topic i dont ve many in my aproove list too i ll use something else only if going to conpete

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