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EQ and Winny for Performance


i am all about preformance in my line of work it punishes the specilist so i am looking to improve my overall fitness i am looking to start a cycle of eq and win 10 weeks with nohing but cross traning any advice would be appriciated.


Cool story bro.



What exactly do you want advice on?


i have read up on side effects of both and its seems that both are pretty hard on the liver is it still ok to cycle them together and also to see best results any training tips


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Maybe he has read up on stuff, but it's the wrong stuff? 90% of the internet will tell you that all forms of steroids are hard on the liver, and will cause you to become the hulk if you even look at them.


Not quite.

While it may be the case that 90% of 'the internet' will tell you that steroids are hard on the liver, this is not to say all steroids are.

When reading pharmacological studies and abstracts i find that it is prudent to not read into anything further than what is there, make no assumptions if a fact is not specified.

For example saying that Steroids are liver toxic and all steroids are liver toxic are two very different things - although to the scanner of documents this will read the same.

The point is, whatever the reason - the theory that Eq is bad for the liver is wrong.

Pharmaceutical companies are obliged to warn of the hepatoxic effects of steroids on all AAS product inserts - as studies have proven some to be toxic (alkylated steroids and orally ingested Testosterone Undecanoate to be specific).

MD's take most of their current knowledge on drugs from inserts, from drug reps and from their Medical Index (MIMS or equivalent).
However much of this information comes from the companies themselves - and it is they who are to be trusted the least when it comes to drugs effects, as it is they who stand to profit (and are notoriously corrupt and dodgy in their control of drugs worldwide).

For example, HCG's suggested use (on the insert the last time i saw one) is something like (IIRC) 1500iu injected weekly.. whereas we as steroid users know from the studies that have been done recently (relatively) and from decades of experimentation, that this is not necessary and will lead to excess aromatisation, negative feedback AND legdig desensitisation...

I digress..

The question is... stupid. Training tips? I dare not ask to look at the cycle you have laid out for fear of a vicious and uncontrollable urge to flame.


i am running a 10 week cycle weeks 1-10 300mg of eq weeks 6-10 350mg winn-50 50mg daily and 250iu of hcg wanted to know if hcg was needed


300 mg a week of EQ is like throwing money down the toilet... You're not going to see results at that low dosage.

I would suggest running it at 600mg/week for the duration.


have u cycled eq before , i read 200-600mg on many sites, thanks for the advice


No but Ive known guys to run 300mg/wk and seen almost no noticeable results.
There is another thread in here about an EQ only cycle, you should check it out and talk to whoever is running that.


I have and 200mg is worthless.. this is not a good range at all.

I would start at 400mg.

300mg should give you results IME if you are new to AAS and have a nice low bodyfat level.. say 10% or so.

Of course if you buy 2 10ml vials to provide the 300mg/wk for 10 weeks, you have enough to run 400mg for 10 weeks too... and it would be recommended.

I would personally add a little Test in there, you will NO regret it. 200mg of Test feels very nice. Not too much to provide any noticeable sides if injected regularly IME, but more than 'normal' enough to make you feel 'super'. A single 10mg vial would cover that.