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EQ and Tren E First Cycle



Hey guys, long time lurker about to start my first cycle. So I’m looking at doing a 14 week cycle of EQ and Tren E, with an A.I. running throughout the whole 14 weeks and Nolva for 40/40/20/20 after. This is what I have written down at the moment and then Ill get to the questions.

EQ --> 400mg EW – weeks 1-14
Tren-E --> 200mg, 250mg, or 300mg EW – weeks 2-14

A.I – weeks 1-14
Nolva – weeks 15-18

As for Tren-E : which dosage would be best?
Also need advice on when to start Tren : is what I have written good? Should I start it at the same time as the EQ? Or should I start it later and have Tren go 1-2 weeks after EQ? (I know thats the advice given when EQ and Test-E are paired)

For Nolva : How long should I wait after the last shot to start the PCT? Or would starting it at week 15 be good?

Anything and everything welcome! Thanks!


You need to do some more research dude. No testosterone in the mix means you will probably lose your sex drive, and perhaps your ability to get a boner. Tren can have nasty consequences, including the dreaded tren dick. For tren you at least want to have some cabergoline on hand in case to mitigate any progesterone issues.
Just start off with a single compound-testosterone only 400-500mg /week for 10-12 weeks.
First cycle like this will let you know how you respond to a basic steroid, regarding side effects gyno, acne,balding, and injection issues like post injection pain. If you used 2 steroids from the get go and something goes wrong, which drug caused the problem? You won’t really be able to tell.
Once you have completed your first basic cycle, ironed out any problems that have arisen, gotten through PCT perhaps then you could try a larger amount of the same drug that has proven itself to react well for you. Or you could try a stack with a second drug, if something goes bad at least you will know which drug caused the issue.


wrong way man, IMO. Take some testosterone or at max use testosterone with EQ as your first cycle. But I would go with test only. After a while… after your first recover PCT, you’ll be able know a little bit more about and then, your start to include some other drugs, as EQ, etc… use minimum doses, but effective,…


First cycle should be Test only and see how you react. 400/500 a week combined with proper diet and workout will yield great results. I personally advise to run small dose of Hcg throughout the cycle in order to mitigate future problems and facilitate recovery.


Frank is exactly right. Your first cycle should be testosterone only. You will grow, and you will feel great. The cycle you are proposing is way off base.