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EQ and Test E?


Whats up? This is my third cycle. First in over 1.5 yrs. I plan on running 400 mg/EQ and 500mg/Test. E for 10 weeks and taking Nolv. and clomid both PCT. I was thinking about starting w/ D-bol for the 1st week, but i'm still unsure about this. Does this look like an alright cycle w/out D-bol? Also should i do an eod full body workout or a bodypart a day workout? Appreciate the help.


The test and EQ looks good, if you are going to run D-bol I'd fire it off at 30-40mgs/day for 4 weeks.



600mg of EQ is the magical dose for "most" people run it for 12 weeks or your could front load. I would look into running a 6 weeker of OT. I think AR would disagree with me on this but I think t-bol would be good to jump start things with. Just my 2 cents :slightly_smiling:


I have run a Test E, EQ 500/500 split and this was one of the best cycles I have ever run.

I did one bodypart a day with cardio, but that is just me. It depends on your body and how you know how your body is going to react.

Just takes time to notice.

Good luck with it.



Running EQ for only 10 weeks @ 400mg/wk is a little weak for a 10 week cycle. You will just be getting all the benefits of an AAS such as EQ. I agree that the 500-600mg range is great and should be ran for at least 12 or more weeks, more so if you are only running 400mg. Just my 2cc's.

Semper Fi,