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EQ and Test, 1cc Each?

Only had the cash for 2 bottles. 1 test and 1 eq both 10cc. Would 1cc of each a week be enough or wasting my time? Maybe 2 cc of eg first 5 weeks then finish strong with test for 5 weeks at 2cc???

What’s the concentration of each?
First cycle or no?
Current stats? Goals?

No mention of AI or SERMs…don’t cycle without both of those already in hand (because shit happens).

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Give them to somebody that has an idea on how to run a cycle.

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I really fucking hate it when someone posts their dosages in cc or ml

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Not sure on concentration yet…pick it up tomorrow. Will be doing Nolva afterwards. Been over ten years since I ran a cycle of test. Never did more than that. I’m 40 now and figure may get into it. The first time I ran I did 500 mg a week and it worked great. But that was over ten years ago.

Do your self a favor and set them to the side until you can buy another bottle two of each at least in my opinion.

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Kinda what I was thinking. Should have two more by next month and I’m pretty patient. May even wait another month and have three of each that way I can run them longer since EQ is in the program and heard it need to be ran longer anyway.