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EQ and Sust Question


I know I'm far to young to start a cycle I'm just trying to learn for future use. I was reading in one of CT's books that EQ and Sust have been altered to aromatize less than that of Cy and Test E. On paper it makes more sense to use that purely as the test for a cycle. Yet in the book the cycle still has Cy or Test E in the cycle. Why is that? I've tried to find the answer but I haven't really seen or heard anyone running Sust or EQ exclusively.


sustanon is testosterone.

Eq is boldenone.

Your question doesnt really make sense.

Boldenone doesnt aromatize the way test does because the molecule has been altered in a such a way to avoid it.


Oh I though EQ was another form of test, sorry for the confusion. Don't both EQ and Sust have a c1-2 double bond to avoid more aromatization? I thought I read that in an older thread


sustanon IS testosterone.

please google this stuff. It will help if you use actual drug names and not brandnames (like equipoise)


Will do.


Equipoise (or ?boldenone undeclynate? more commonly known as ?Eq?).
Eq is simply testosterone which has been modified to convert to estrogen at
a much lower rate (roughly half that of testosterone). This is strait out of CT's Dr.Jeykll and Mr.Hyde


This does not mean it can be used in the place of testosterone. It has been altered and will no longer act as testosterone acts upon your body. Maybe some people have run boldenone only cycles, but I think its inadvisable to do so.


Ok, so after it has been altered it forms a completely different compound?



All steroids are, essentially, derived from testosterone.



that is why it is called a different name.

that is why it is called boldenone. And that's why its approved for use in animals (horses - look up the latin word for horse), but not humans.


Ok thanks for being patient with me guys, people at the gym I go to tell me completely different stuff so I just wanted to get it rectified.