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EQ and Halotestin

I am currently 6’ 240 carrying about 12%bf and I was just curious if anyone has ever tried a cycle of equipoise and halotestin. I have done extensive research and have a great understanding of the pharmacokinetics of each anabolic. I’m looking at 500mg of EQ/week and 20mg of halo/day and this should definitely cover the anabolic and androgenic bases for quality growth. I was curious about my fluoxymesterone. It is Atlantis Stenox and each tab only contains 2.5mg and obviously I’m going to need to take 8 a day to reach 20mg. So, my question is it’s effects similar to that of methandrostenolone? Would it be more beneficial to take 4 early in the day and 4 later in the day, or just to just take 1 every few hours to keep plasma levels consistant? I was also curious to ask the gentlemen who are sensitive to estrogen if 500mg of EQ proved to provide ample means of EQ aromatization to the extent of it being noticable. It is my understanding that EQ aromatizes slightly higher than nandrolone decanoate (nandrolone supposedly aromatizes at approximately 20%). Any feedback would be of great help!

Take 10-20mg of nolvadex per day. The half life of Halotestin is approximately 9.2 hours. This means that you can split your dose into two - one in the morning and one in the evening.

Btw deca aromatises via progesterone not estrogen


How convenient, I happen to have 30 20mg nolvy tabs in my closet for a rainy day. I will post before and after pictures. I stumbled onto some cheap QV Stan 100 today so I’ll throw that in along with some cytomel and I should lean right up. Thanks alot!!