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EQ and Deca... Changing Tests.


Hey fellas, quick questions I need answered by the experts!

Ive read a few things here and there about people using EQ and DECA in a cycle together. Some people say they do nearly the same thing and others disagree. I'm week 8 into a 17 week cycle with EQ and TEST Cyp with amazing gains and they just keep on coming, I'm thinking if I throw in a moderate amount of DECA I can up my strength just a little bit more, I have a bottle, I need to get rid of it and I wanted some opinions on how I should dose it with the two together.

The second question is, I don't have another bottle of Test CYP on hand for the rest of this cycle, only a bottle of Test Enan....I'm guessing since its just a different ester that it shouldn't really be a problem at all, but I'd really like a definitive answer on that.

So far
Week 1-12 500mg TEST CYP
Week 12-17 500mg TEST ENAN
Week 1-17 400mg EQ
Week 8-17 300mg DECA

  1. Can DECA and EQ be used effectively together?
  2. Can I change TESTs in the middle of a cycle with no drawbacks?

Thank you guys!

p.s - To my earlier post, I got the ADEX on hand.
And also, my tits feel good and my balls although significantly smaller are still blowing loads.


The fact you have tits is odd...


~I'd personally save the Deca for a future cycle and run it for 15 weeks: You said you're still gaining. You only have 10 weeks for it. You want strength and it's mediocre for that. Plus you can run a Deca/Test cycle next and compare and see how Deca compared for you.
It's not going to hurt you to add it though it does raise the potential for more and different sides.
If you do start the Deca I would run the Test several weeks longer for a easy PCT.

~You will have no problem whatsoever switching from Cyp to Enan, they are almost the same and I doubt (almost) anyone can notice the difference if they got mislabeled for example.


My wife really thinks it's odd.

Appreciate the advice beast!



I tend to agree about saving the deca. Deca should be run for a pretty long cycle. Save it for another one and use deca next time and compare.

They could be used together though.

If you want something mild on sides for strength to add to this cycle, run mast enanthate the last 10 weeks.

Or you could get some drol/dbol if you don't mind the bloat. Var is another good option for strength if you have the money. Lots of powerlifters are using it now at 100mg a day with good results.


If you want to run the test e I would drop the cyp to 400mg and start running the enth at 200mg on week 10. Even though they are both tests, the esthers are different. The test enth takes about 2 wks to "kick" in. That way by week 13 when you drop the cyp the enth is already in your system and you can bump the dose up. Its purely theoretical but that's how I would try and do it. And with the deca, I tend to carry a little more water than when I run Eq. But that is me. They are so similar there would be no point in running the consecutively. Just my opinion :slight_smile:


what could you use to make the dbol bloat as minimal as possible? 1mg arimidex/week enough?


Man, that all depends on how much you take, what else you're taking, and how you react to it.
I personally don't need anything on a low-dose of 25-30mg and don't bloat on it. Once I get to 50mg+ things are different. I respond really well to Dbol, but also bloat quite a bit after 50mg and find diet helps more than anything, though I do take or increase a AI at that point. But point being, as far as diet, is that even with a AI if you're scarffing pizzas and the like... you're going to bloat no matter what.


i was thinking just test E but still not sure... thanks though ill be working in an office so drinking anything over 1-1.5 gallons water a day isnt an option