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Eq and Dbol

I was Thinking about doing a 6-8 week cycle w/ dbol and eq. I was thinking something like 30mg dbol aday 4 weeks and 200-400 aweek eq for 6-8 weeks. I cant really blow up to quick if you know what i mean, so any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks for the help guys. Devil1

That should be fine, just have an anti E as both aromatize, and also be aware that the eq will stay in your system for a long time after the last injection, making for a slow recovery

I planned on using clomid. When should i start and end it. 50mg ed right?

You would start your clomid as an anti estrogen either when your nipples begin to itch, or just run it for the entire length of cycle. Generally i hold off on my anti-e until i feel anything in my nipples. 50mg/day will be sufficient for anti-estrogen.

PCT is going to be a bit drawn out because of the EQ. As has been pointed out by P-22 it will be in your system for a long time after your last injection. EQ has a half life of 14 days, so it tends to snowball in your body. I would continue taking clomid at 50mg ed until you begin PCT to mitigate any possible estrogenic side effects. However, your actual PCT will have to wait likely 4-6 weeks or longer after your last injection of EQ to start. This is because of the long half life. It will persist in your system and continue to cause supression long after your last injection. (You can do the math on how long it will take to begin PCT. The quantity of EQ in you will be halved every 14 days). Anyway, when you are ready to begin PCT, take 100mg/ed clomid for the first two weeks, then reduce to 50mg/ed clomid for the second two weeks. Continue at 50mg/ed for longer if you feel you need.

Nolvadex is a better choice than clomid though as it is stronger at blocking negative estrogen feedback and doesn’t cause the PMS-like side effects some people that use clomid report.


so maybe clomid weeks 3 or 4 through weeks 10-12? or if nolvadex, I should i use it, I have no knowledge on it.

Nolvadex comes in 20mg tablets. One of these per day is sufficient for anti-estrogen. During PCT you would take 40mg/day for two weeks, followed by 20mg/day for two weeks. You could if you felt necessary take a few days of 60 or 80mg at the begining of PCT but this may not be necessary. The important thing is waiting long enough till the EQ has cleared your system to begin PCT.