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EQ and Blood Count

So I’m in the middle (Week 15 of 20) of a cycle of Test/EQ (400mg/500mg).

I’m well aware that EQ is supposed to increase red blood cell count along with other things which can lead to blood thickening and clotting. I’ve been keeping an eye on my blood pressure and it hasn’t seemed to have changed too much from baseline.

I plan to get a full blood count test very soon, (just to put my mind at ease if nothing else) and if that comes back looking dangerous then I’ll donate some blood to relieve the issue.

Was wondering if anyone would know if blood pressure is a good measurement of this sort of thing in the first place? Seeing as mine really hasn’t changed much at all after being on EQ for so long.

I don’t think so, but not certain. Speaking from just personal experience, I had normal BP with HCT 55%. Donated blood, no change in BP.

I go off how I feel: red face, hot, tingly skin, fatigue, etc

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BP isn’t a very good indicator, no. And FYI, donating blood fixes the issue for maybe four weeks. The only way to lower those numbers is to not do the thing that raises them in the first place.

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TRT has raised my blood count significantly- along with it my blood pressure has DECREASED.

I’m a sample of 1, so not saying this is necessarily normal- it might be but I’m just relaying what I’ve experienced. In my experience they aren’t correlated

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That should be ok with me then, as I’ll only be on EQ for about 5 more weeks until cruising for a short duration before PCT.

Once I get results back from the full blood count test, what sort of numbers/percentages do you think would constitute a donation? Gear in general raises blood count anyway, so don’t want to go by normal recommended numbers and it end up not being necessary.

Your not doing an extremely excessive cycle. Unless you are feeling negative side effects I wouldn’t worry.

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Thanks, not experiencing any sides yet that I’m aware of. Was a little fatigued recently but that might have been due to other things. Ill keep an eye out for sides.

I’ll still get the blood count test anyway just to be on the safe side and will post the results here when I get them back.

My HCT was 57% doc said to donate blood so I did last week. I’ve never done it before. Have to be honest I felt great when I left. I’m not sure if HCT being higher gave me symptoms but I just felt better after than I did before. Honestly its not a bad thing to do anyways, I’ll be doing it when I can year round from now on.

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