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Eq/Anavar Cycle


Im 30, 5'8', 150, about 12% bf, ive done one cycle a few years back. I do MMA so Im looking for strength with little to no weight gain, endurance, and speed. Thinkin about a cycle that looks like this:

400mg EQ wk 1-12 Injection
400mg test prop wk 1-8 Injction
30mg anavar wk 8-12 powder


Masteron would be a better choice.

Mast/var would work out nice with a replacement dose of test or some hCG.


HALO. Increases strength, VO2 Max, and aggressiveness (if you are prone to that side).

I would drop the var for halo, or add it.

Additionally, EQ has a rep for appetite enhancement. It might not be the best thing for staying in your weight class.

If it was ME, which it ain't, I would go with tren, test, and halo. I never had cardio issues with tren, though.


I have seen many people on here state that var is just going to be lost in its effects amidst heavier AAS like tren. Is that not true with Masteron?