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EQ 400ml

I am new 2 this and just bought the EQ the other day and havent tried it yet.
The only thing ive used before is the blue heart anadrol which i took like 40mg of a day. i wonder if the EQ is alright to start with and about how much i should take a week and for how long? and should i combine it with something else for better results?

My thoughts were to take the EQ and combine it with the anadrol. Anyone who have any inputs that could help me out a bit?

There’s no such thing as “blue heart” anadrols.


Don’t bother trying to research for yourself or read those bright stickies at the top of these forums. That’d be putting in way too much effort for a potentially life altering decision.


Maybe that’s asking too much of him. This OP doesn’t even know what drug he took in his previous cycle. He won’t even read the fucking label on the bottle.


Read the fucking label on the bottle.

Was probably taking viagra and thought it was anadrol.

“Dude this sex drive is sweet!”

sorry dudes, it was dianabol the hearts :wink: be nice 2 a newbie. gotta start somewhere. The label only say boldenone undecylenate eq 400 mg.

Are you going to snort it, drink it or inject it?