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Epsteins Anomaly & Working Out

Well,so I got this heart-condition, and it is pretty non-lethal, and I’ve not worried about it for all my existence. Unfortunately, I notice the fact that I am always tired when having a workout, and today I almost felt like passin out from doing DB Deadlifts with 70’s.
The heart condition is a congenital defect, called Epstein’s Anomaly, and it is very very rare. I tried to do some research, but it is very murky, with one site actually saying people have a hard time living past their 20’s with that. I’m 20 now, feel fine except the lifting fatigue.

Now all you T-Brains, doctors and such, help me out with some research! What are the implications of this on my training routine? Should I even lift, technically? Or just go to bodyweight exercises? The problem is just that I feel so powerless sometimes just after a couple of heavy sets, it bugs me.

Any thoughts or comments would be greatly appreciated!

As I understand it, Epstein’s results in right atrial enlargement and perhaps more importantly impaired right ventricular function as a result of congenital tricuspid valve abnormalities. Subsequently, pulmonary blood flow (from right ventricle) may be insufficent to meet your oxygen demands (especially during exercise where oxygen demand increases). This may account for your perceived fatigue. However, I am certainly no authority on congenital heart disease. I am very surprised that your congenital specialist physician has not informed you about your condition and the implications it has for you. Personally, I would consult your physician regarding your exercise choices before you train again, or at the very least wait for a reply from or PM Dr. Ryan.

Sounds like you need to have a nice long conversation w/ a cardiologist.

Yeah, I got myself a cardiogram the other year and boy was I surprized by the huge bill! Back in the old country I got the stuff for free.

Basically, the people said that yeah, I got something like that, but besides a recomendation to see my family doctor, they didn’t tell me much. I haven’t seen the doctor because I’m pretty sure he’d say the same thing as others before: that I should take it easy forever and not lift any weights. I remember one pediatrician said, however, that I would be good for about anything except professional sports, I gotta say away from those professional sports such as the NFL, MBA, or whatever. That’s ok though, sports aren’t that big with me anyway.

But what I am looking for is just an explanation of just how much weight is safe for me to lift, and what workout would be best for me. The fact is that this disorder is so rare, people have no clue what it is, much less as to how it applies to training.

Maybe it was just that today I didn’t have too much to eat and lifted too much weight to start with (it was in the morning). But I cant lie, I feel pretty tired and take way too long to rest sometimes.

Well, today I had a good workout, I had a training buddy and a full stomach right before, didn’t feel too tired like that other day. Yeah, I’m thinking I’ll be fine, the other day I just had nothing to eat and did the heaviest exercise 1st, so the rest of my morning was screwed up.