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Epstein Commits Suicide

Wonder no more, there were. One of the founding idea men of the EU was a British civil servant, and Thatcher was pushed precisely when she discovered the danger, her famous ‘No, no, no’ speech was the final straw for Hesltine et al.

You may be right, but I’m a charitable interpreter at heart.

I’ve posted a great documentary from Peter Hitchens in the Brexit thread, actually. It covers quite a lot of the Europhilic history of the Tory party.
Deeply ironic that the party that got us in has been tasked with the exit. Alas, you go to war with the army you have, not the one you wish you had.

I am only judging her by her actions:
Complaining about her own salary when it is 6x times her bartender gig,
Attacking both her own and the opposition’s leadership before formally joining Congress,
Calling for eliminating her own party ‘opposition’ through primarying (sp?),
Elimination of immigration policies and statues, epa guidelines, healthcare etc by a rammed through legistlative fiat.

You get my position, l would assume.

Edit l read the piece you posted… But agreed with many points, as my limited knowledge of British affairs would allow. My family name left Lincolnshire 2 centuries ago.
Corrected myself on his faith.

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Completely, have no worries on that front.

Edit: I have no shortage of Westminster dullards whose every utterance gives me a dose of rage induced vapours.

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"…AG Barr said he was “appalled” and “angry” to learn of the Metropolitan Correctional Center’s “failure to adequately secure this prisoner…”


His Boss isn’t…

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Billy Clinton is his boss?

Trump is a flaming scum bag, but the women he has historically preyed upon are of age. More importantly, the few links between Trump and Epstein were remote or things like Trump kicking Epstein out of Mar-a-Lago for having what appeared to be under aged women.

This is, sadly, a NY Democrat scandal.

People like George Stephanoplus who picked up Epstein from prison the first time around (for some reason) are the ones relieved. Bill Richardson.

That said, I am sure there will be several Republicans caught in the web with Clinton and rest (including, perhaps, my old law professor, and one of my favorite people, which is seriously distressing).

The list of scum bags will be long and varied, as is the list of suspects.


It turns out that BOTH of the two guards supposedly watching him were asleep. How does one collect a paycheque, that must be reasonably good to live on, when sleeping on the job?

Next headline, “While on administrative leave, two prison guards tragically pass in accident.”


Short-staffed and overworked.

Very possible. I would, however, want someone to keep an eye on these guard’s bank accounts over the coming months.

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Tragic, they both died in their new sport’s cars which mysteriously had no brakes…and exploded…and shot them 12 times in the head.



The thing about it is, they couldn’t have predicted if and when he would have committed suicide so how would they know which guards to bribe. And again, how would they know he would kill himself if he wasn’t watched?

Which means he would have to have been murdered. Which brings even more variables into play.

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Wasn’t there a camera malfunction? Or was that just a rumor?

All I’m saying is that @pfury is right to be sceptical of a suicide that potentially benefits a minimum of 100bn of combined wealth.

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That’s a rumor at the moment, but would it really be a surprise?

I am far from a conspiracy theorist, think they’re absolutely ridiculous most of the time, but this is whole thing is just silly at this point with the number of coincidences and happenings.


The facts (a complete breakdown of the prison system for its most important prisoner, who undoubtedly had a hell of a black book and videos of important people doing bad things) just smell so terrible as to be unbelievable.

I’m keeping an open mind, any direction, here.


I tell you what, @Jewbacca

I’m trying too…but it’s getting harder and harder as more and more things come out…

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Yeah, I am about one broken video camera away from believing Q Anon crap.

Has anyone heard what Alex Jones has to say about this?

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Is probably on one of the videos.

Assuming he was important enough to be collected by Epstein.


Jones is claiming to have revealed the story as true 10 years ago. Given this is Jones, I would assume he’s engaging in retcon to make himself look like a journalist.

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