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Epstein Commits Suicide

Why didn’t the super secret shadow people who killed him not pay off the coroner?

I suppose it is murky. He did have paper product sheets? What would he use for a noose?

another question, what ever happened to the Somali man in Texas who posted ‘Middle Eastern Racism’ and other threads? He had a string like that and I haven’t noticed him in ages.

Last I heard he was in a jail in NYC.

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image http://orig08.deviantart.net/0ca3/f/2011/171/3/0/oh_no_you_didn__t_by_nightwalkeralchemist-d3jfuwy.gif

Best guess? Someone else’s hands.

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You only need to cover up the murder, not the death.

Ah, the old suicides in the USSR - “the victim committed suicide by shooting himself four times in the back”


THEN throwing themselves out of a window, @loppar

That’s Putin signature move and it’s fairly recent, alongside poisionings.

In provincial Russia one can still find less important disidents committing suicide by violently slamming their heads against police truncheons. Repeatedly.

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In the UK, you can find folks committing suicide via poison or radioactive isotopes.

It’s an epidemic!

He did not have broken vertebrae. Nor are there reports of such that I’ve seen.

He had a broken hyoid. The hyoid looks a bit like a turkey wishbone and sits below the Adams Apple on a man. Fragile, but flexible and almost impossible to break unless strangled (vs hung).

I understand that to break the hyoid or a vertebrae it has to be a fairly significant drop/impact when the bottom of the rope is hit, would there even be enough room in a cell to get that kind of drop?

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What about high profile people getting grilled for banging jailbait (we’re talking ex presidents and princes here)? Victims seeing their abusers in jail?

Or you think they would never be convicted, no matter what?

Heh I’d prolly do the same.

I guess you’re asking about the justice of it?

I don’t think that ultra-rich can actually be successfully prosecuted in the US, and neither can foreign royalty or dignitaries.

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Hillary got locked up. It can be done.

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Police have provided a sketch of the Epstein killer.


Who know what evil lurks in the hearts of men?

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Just a formality posting this, I was wondering how long it would take. I take it the brother was the beneficiary, will it be held in some sort of escrow while litigation cuts into it?

That’s a very good question.