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Epstein Commits Suicide

(Developing Story):

“Financier Jeffrey Epstein; who was facing federal sex trafficking charges; has died from an apparent suicide.Federal prosecutors in New York alleged he abused dozens of underage girls as young as 14.”

And the beat goes on…

My question for the PWI family…think he’ll be added to the “Clinton Body Count”?

On a serious note…this guy had a lot of damning information on a lot of very powerful people…who sure as hell were not going to jail for raping young Girls…

I think I’ll side with the “There-was-no-Moon-Landing/the U.S. Staged 9/11/Elvis is Alive!” people on this one…

As soon as he was arrested, he was a “Dead Man Walking” and I think he knew it.

This guy was NOT going to be allowed to live…


So far only AOC is demanding answers:

Also, it’s not a conspiracy theory if it’s true.


I read that he was already on suicide watch. I’ve never worked in a prison, but I would imagine it should mean something other than “watch him commit suicide”.


Agree, @loppar

I don’t think it would be conspiratorial to think that the man was not killed…not in the least…

All indications is that his “Lolita Ring” permeated all areas of the rich and powerful…from Law Enforcement to the Judiciary…to all levels of Government…(both foreign and domestic)… to Private and Public Education…the list (by all indications) was limitless…

You want young girls? He was the “go-to” guy for the Rich and Powerful…and when he was arrested?

…Dead Man Walking…

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Another thought that came to me…

There were a number of now adult women who were slated to testify against Epstein…

My guess is that they are beyond nervous about their own Lives now…

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Is it wrong I laughed out loud at that?

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Tom Hagen paid him a visit.

What’s funny is that a lot of people who hate AOC might find themselves agreeing with her.

I don’t suppose he is the type that would adjust to a long haul prison term anyway. He isn’t the gang bang mofo sort.

the thing along those lines that had me marvel up here in Canada is this: A number of years ago there was a Clifford Olson who was convicted of sex killings of children, a number of them. At times he would receive threats, other times he fit in with the fabric of the place.

On the other hand, we still have Paul Bernardo alive in penitentiary. He was the Scarborough rapist, and did two kidnap and sex killings of teen girls. He was also to do with his sister in law’s drug death, and may have raped and murdered Margaret McWilliam, I am a little fuzzy on that last one.

He was a white collar professional, a bookkeeper, and he (I am straight but I can tell) is quite handsome. He is ABSOLUTELY REVILED in the penitentiary system, it has been difficult keeping him alive. If he were ever paroled (I think the system on that with his crimes has changed over time) he would be ground zero for nuclear war.

My point is, why so much the difference?

Ah, @zecarlo

(Don’t forget seeing his “Old Country” Brother in Court…!)

“Old School” Frank Pentangeli knew what to do…with very few words spoken…

Guy was on suicide watch and tried to hang himself but was caught before he could finish the job. Then, inexplicably, at the end of July he was taken off suicide watch.

IMO the conspiracy lies in who/how ordered him off suicide watch… B/c even if caught, the worst that person gets charged with will get them a year or two in prison tops.


People kill themselves everyday.

Epstein killed himself on one particular day.

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Hard to kill himself on 2 days

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When the CIA, Mossad, and SAS run into each other outside Epstein’s cell.


I don’t hate her, tbh. I think she’s a well meaning idiot who is passably hot.

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Nah, it got a chuckle from me too.

I agree with that but I do wonder about the idiot part. It’s not like she works alongside Jefferson or Hamilton.

That she doesn’t. It may be my general dislike of her Justice democrat crew.

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Possibly one of the very few things you have written l absolutely disagree with.

There were likely Europhiles that pushed UK into the EU with reasons that seemed reasonable, but deep down they yearned for a US of E, with themselves getting the summer cottage as a privileged leader, while millions of legalsteels should quietly carry on with the actual work.

She and the other ‘socialists’ show their colors every time by their extravagance, priggish behavior, and effort to stop any opposition to their plans.