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Epstein and "The Lolita Express"

(First of all…WHY would a High-Profile Billionaire; already convicted Sex Offender; name his damn plane “The Lolita Express”???)


Looks like Clinton, Trump and some High Profile DEMS and Republican Politicians had taken a ride or two on “The Lolita Express”.

Methinks there are some people really sweating bullets as I type this. (Except Trump…he doesn’t give a shit…dipping his Man Unit in young girls is probably a “Deep State/Lib” conspiracy to take him down anyway…)


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I read that Clinton had taken 26 rides on the “Lolita Express” and that he dismissed his secret service entourage on other occasions. You only do that for one reason.

What’s up with the Solomon style temple on his island?

He’s a sex offender. I wouldn’t even try and put myself in his shoes to figure that out.


As I understand it, Trump was a cooperative witness to his last indictment.

If he’s actually named and convicted, lock him up and throw the key away.

Some big heads could roll here, but I’d doubt Trump is one of them.


Trump is a lot of things…

Dumb is not one of them.

I’m sure he has covered his butt…

(Bill on the other hand? Geez…)

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Important part of the story the MSM is leaving out.

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Wouldn’t change his undying support among evangelicals. They are with him no matter how much sexual assault, porn star paying, wanting to fuck his own daughter you got.

They will just say some shit like all humans are flawed and full of sin and move on.


That Damn “Onion”!

It had me going there for a second, @H_factor!

They probably have a certain view of what underage actually means.

Nope, he just doesn’t give a shit because he knows his base won’t care.

He already sat at a table with Robert Kraft in a public event.

Also if you’re watching unfolding discussions on the cesspool that is Twitter, many MAGAs have suddenly switched their stances from (absolutely correct) indignation about Bill Clinton’s flights on Epstein’s plane - “investigate that POS and lock him up” - to “wait, let’s calm down and define what a child is and what a teenager is because the latter isn’t so bad” once Trump started getting mentioned alongside Epstein.

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This is the corner hypocrisy can often trap you in, @loppar

If you’re a humanoid from Alabama. The rest of us are unmovable when it comes to sex crimes against children.

Might have been Daniel Tosh but some comedian a few years back said “The Catholic Church has a huge problem…these kids will just not shut the fuck up.”

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At least those religious nuts will marry the kids they molest.

Dave Attell made this joke on his “Skanks for the memories” CD, but I don’t know if he is the originator.

I think that’s right. I love Dave Atell.

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My favorite comedian, hands down. “Insomniac” was an amazing show as well. I have the greatest hits on DVD, but wish the full series was available.

The first time I listened to that album was on a road trip with the Mrs. I put it in and was kinda gauging her reaction to the jokes. Eventually I decided, screw it, this is funny, and just kept laughing, and then she had to give in too. It’s her favorite comedy album.

I ended up laughing so hard at his “I don’t like to travel and I think it’s because when I was a kid my dad used to beat me with a globe” joke that I ended up pulling my groin and having to limp at the next rest stop.


That reminds me of the Norm Macdonald joke “my Dad used to beat me with a belt…of course it was the worst when he was the heavyweight champion of the world.”

Norms my all time favorite but Atell is up there. As for stuff to piss off the Mrs every listener to Anthony Jeselnik? Pretty much as dark as dark humor can get.

I’ll share one of my all time favorite Norm bits. I can’t find the original footage with the daily show hell they may have taken it down. If I remember right this was from the daily show and it’s like two days after Steve Irwin the crocodile hunter passed away. Stewart is uncomfortable but can’t help cracking up.


The oddest thing about Epstein is nobody knows where he made his fortune. Some think he may have made it by recruiting teenage girls and getting really powerful men to sleep with them on his island and then blackmail ensued.

He was a big Dem donor for a long time. Pelosi’s daughter has already telegraphed she thinks Dems will be implicated.

Trump banned Epstein from his mansion after he tried to assault the daughter of the help. So there’s that. This might become a “what did he know and when did he know it”. Especially with the “he likes them young” comment.

Trump has made moves to go after child traffickers. I wonder what he knew about the powerful before he became president.

Epstein’s lawyers claimed that he co-founded the Clinton Foundation.

On top of that Epstein may have been an FBI informant at some point in 2008. Which could have affected his plea deal. That pulls Mueller in. This story just has it all.


Good links. This one seems to go into the relationship between him, Trump, and Clinton pretty well. Two known sexual loons with a guy like Epstein should surprise exactly no one. And as powerful as Clinton and Trump are I’d be surprised if anything came of this. Powerful people are really good at making potentially bad things go away unless direct evidence has them doing something undeniable.