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Epsom Salts Baths


Has anyone heard of soaking in hot epsom salt baths prior to weighins to cut water weight shortly before a grappling match?

Has anyone tried this? How much did you loose how fast?


here's a thread i started a while back...someone discusses that in here, i think....



yes you need to check out some of the older threads here.

if your body comp is in order- you can do 8lbs well inside an hour via a bath,
and staying wrapped up.

More if you are a bigger person.


It would have been nice if something had turned into a sticky...


I would think that losing that amount of water weight in such a short period of time would play havoc with your electrolytes. Granted I am well aware of those who do it on a regular basis but if you lose enough electrolytes you can develop heart arrhythmia and other problems as well. Probably not something to mess with unless you really know what you're doing and naturally are in perfect health.


Regarding electrolytes,and safety of cutting in general
I think when you do it frequently- you become acclimatized

I spare no facts or feelings when talking about effects like liver and kidney damage
insulin or testosterone issues, or in my case delayed puberty, and clearly stunted growth.
and I am Begining to think I might indeed be headed down the TRT replacement path eventually
depending on what another Dr. visit says.

Cutting can be dangerous.
and it sucks.

If you want to do this- you should be informed
and if you want to do this at any level
that is serious you should figure out how to
cut safely.

Ive pretty much come out and said I before unless your truly exceptional
if you want to compete where it counts you will need to cut.

baths are one of the least stressful ways to cut.

throw in the added bonus of the benefits of
some muscle soreness going diminishing its a no brainer

and its allot more appealing then standing on top of a ladder in a boiler room
with a silver suit and a down coat on.

or riding a stationary exercise bike for an hour in the back of a van while going to the match.

Ive done all three baths way easier
and let me tell you how pissed the other team mates are at you who had to stand-
cause you took out two rows of seats in the van to fit the bike so you could keep cutting :slightly_smiling:

here is the premise
let pretend your body comp is good- as in very good
you've played some water manipulation games
your bowels are mostly empty and your 5 to 10 lbs day before weigh ins.

have an accurate scale
a tub filled with the hottest water you can stand
a few pounds of epsom salts
wintergreen alcohol if you can get it , it helps

you alternate with getting in this crazy hot bath submerged or just your face out.
and then getting out to be wrapped up in towels blankets etc-
piled on.

a few cycles of that and your good.

sometimes you can take an ice shower- to stop the process
but that can backfire too- and rehydrate a little.

here is the deal I will not deny that cutting sucks.
and there is a health risk.

I' will also be the first to tell you to do it right and
stop complaining.


How long in the bath and how long wrapped in towels thru out the cycle?


how much do you have to cut?

and the water is hot-

maybe 5 to 10 minutes in the bath,
and about the same wrapped up.

depends on how much of the bath you can tolerate
and how much you need to cut.


10-15lbs depending on my weight brgininning of the fight week.... usually 10lb range