EPO Source?

Does anyone have a source for erythropoietin (EPO) they are willing to share?

Obviously send a PM.


I don’t even think it’s illegal, I just don’t know of any sources beyond bulk supply.

Well I bet you could contact Marion Jones…

She apparently had/has some sort of source…lol

[quote]World1187 wrote:
She apparently had/has some sort of source…lol[/quote]

How awkward would that be… “Hello, is this coach Francis? I heard you gave Marion Jones EPO, it’s in all over the news. Do you think you could hook me up?”

After typing that it seems disturbingly similar to posts and PMs here on T-Nation.

Maybe if we’re lucky, Coach Francis is on here and can hook me up with some of “the clear.” Damn could I make some money…