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EPO (Procrit)


Does anyone have experience with epo?


I don't, but several dead elite bicyclists do.


That's funny!! Name one.




This forum is to educate people who take PED'S, to do it as safely as possible.


Marco Pantani


"The death of Marco Pantani was caused by acute cocaine intoxication," the report carried out by doctor Giuseppe Fortuni for prosecutor Paolo Gengarelli stated, the Ansa news agency reported Friday.
Pantani was found dead in a Rimini hotel room on February 14 and several packets of half-empty sedatives were found beside the 34-year-old who was also known to have a cocaine habit.

Get it straight.


No but it obviously works, I think by thickening your blood (through the proliferation of more red blood cells). The danger is that your blood will thicken too much and your heart will not be able to pump it, then you die of myocardial infarcation.

So be extremely sure of your source, don't overdo it, and don't use it if you are subject to drug testing.


Thanks boner!!!!


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I was being pedantic. He was suspected of using EPO (high hematocrit with no doctor's notes proving it was naturally high which points to EPO) and he's dead. Literally speaking, he is a dead elite cyclist who used EPO.

We all know he did himself in, he had a serious depression for a long time.



You're a fool if you don't think Il Pirate didn't use EPO at least once in his career.


Of course he was on EPO, thats like aspirin!! Try oxyglobin,HGH,Vasodialators ect..........


dude, you are not seriously considering taking EPO?

just imagine your blood turning to molasses.

I assume you are some kind of cyclist (sn of tourdefrance). Do yourself and everyone else in the sport a favor - QUIT.
You disgrace every hard working professional and amuatuer cyclist.


If you aren't that good that you are already using EPO, just give up now.

Because if doping is the best thing you've got left, I'm assuming you've already tried professional coaching and nutrition.

If you can't take coaching and nutrition seriously then you are likely to not take EPO seriously and fucking around with death is not funny.

Don't take the easy way out.

You're breaking the rules man, and for someone who cycles in my sport that is pretty shitty.


I've PMed you to help you out with the legal alternatives, give those a try otherwise you are just ruining the sport for honest athletes like myself who do not resort to doping to get ahead.


Dude, Read the original post again. If you wish not to give advise, take a hike. I'm here doing research on the god damn drug!!!!! I'm looking for people that have experience with this substance for a class paper.

And of course Lance Armstrong is clean and everyone else is dirty.


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I have a bro that used some Darbepoetin, itis an analog of EPO, similar drug, you just need less of it and it lasts longer. He is a professional hockey player, he said it was unbeleivable how much a difference that stuff makes. Mind you, he is in great cardiovascular shape. He said he was taking like 1.00 minute shifts without getting winded, hard skating shifts that would make you cry if you weren't on the stuff. I am tempted, but I don't want to pay for having my blood tested twice a week. Plus, EQ is really effective at jacking up you hematocrit, try that first.