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EPO (Erythropoietin) Tests? High Hematocrit

Have any of you guys ever had your EPO (Erythropoietin) levels tesed? What kind of results did you have? I know EPO raises hematocrit, but also in people with polycythemia vera EPO levels are below normal ranges. <3 miu/ml.
I had my levels tested and came out in the middle 8.2 miu/ml (2.6 - 18.5 range). I thought this would be way higher since testosterone stimulates Erythropoietin. So how is it possible to have mid range EPO levels, but still have high hematocrit, rbc’s and hemoglobin?

Yes, on Feb 26, 2019, I had my EPO levels tested. I was 5.4 (low-normal). My story.

TRT raises hematocrit, rbc, and hemoglobin is a majority of people. You can have all of these and not necessarily mean you have PV.