Epitiostanol for Anti-Gynecomastia

Hi guys, I was browsing around the web looking for ways to remove gynecomastia without surgery and what I stumbled upon(no I wasn’t using stumble upon) was Epitiostanol. In specific, research from the Breast Cancer Research Institute in Tokyo Japan were they had successfully used it to remove gyno with minimal side effects. I know a little about the substance, just word of mouth from the bodybuilding crowd I’m usually around(having competed twice so far myself). I noticed that there seemed to be a fair amount of knowledge going around here and I thought I would drop a question in for a second opinion while I wait for my upcoming appointment with my endocrinologist.

First, however, I thought I would debunk some misconceptions that I have seen in other posts, mainly to avoid them wasting space here. 1. Havoc is not a PH it is a steroid that has been methylated as substance bans are done by the name of the chemical compound. 2. The prior being said Havoc and Epitiostanol are not the same thing. 3. That’s about all I really wanted to clear up XD, by no means an end all say all, but I have confidence on the ground I stand.

So to the questions!
I have seen discussion of age come up a lot in regards to PHs DSs and AAS. I am almost 19, so yes still 18, but I have training heavily for over 4 years. I can’t imagine that my hormone levels will naturally increase much higher than they are now seeing the years training from a young age. Just food for thought really. I developed gyno in the end of 5th and mainly 6th grade, it is by no means a recent occurrence. However, as I further develop my physique it has become more obvious due to lack of fat and increased muscle mass. It is also somewhat of a physiological issue(more so in my younger years where kids would make fun of my nipples that were very obviously seen through my shirts). Now I don’t hear much about it, maybe it’s because I out weigh the people that would say things now, or maybe its because my shirt selection has adapted over the years XD. I was hoping to do a single cycle of Epitiostanol to try and get rid of the gyno. I could only see a win win as it would most likely help me build more lean mass(currently bulking) and could possibly get rid of gyno at the same time. The question was only long term effect on the endocrine system so I thought I would ask. Also there is the question of liver damage with use of Havoc(in the case that I could not get a supply of Epi). What are your thoughts on methylated products and their effects on liver function? Personally I feel I would rather take the safer road with the original Epitiostanol.

Anyway that’s the question, thanks for any thoughtful input you might have on the matter.