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Orite guys, this is my first time posting on a site like this, i read through all the sections and have got some decent information from you lot, but i wanted to just run my ideas past everyone and see what the consensus is:

I am planning to run Epithin-E for 4 weeks and then a standard PCT, this will be my first proper cycle, i have taken 3-AD a number of times before and got great results but looking for abit more umph this time, am i correct in believing Epithin-E is an Epistane clone?

2 week prior: Milk Thistel
Week 1: 20mg Epithin-E
Week 2: 30mg Epithin-E
Week 3: 30mg Epithin-E
Week 4: 40mg Epithin-E
Week 5: Nolva @ 30mg + AI (to be decided upon, suggestions?)
Week 6: Nolva @ 20mg + AI
Week 7: Nolva @ 20mg + AI

I am also planning on running the following throughout:
Red Yeast Rice
Hawthorne Berry
Saw Palmetto?? opinions on this?
Milk Thistle

What is the general opinion on my plans and what do you all think?


I assume this is an epistane clone, but your google is as good as mine, and it’s your body… so you’d best verify that.

Cycle looks pretty good. A few things though… For starters, I’d scrap the AI in PCT. Just not needed after epistane. The SERM will take care of any possible estrogen problem, without risking knocking levels too low and then having to taper back etc…

Also, I don’t see the point in cutting your PCT to 3 weeks. While this is a mild cycle, running nolva for one more week (ie. 4 wks total) is a simple thing to do, and it can only help ensure that your test levels have returned to normal. If your test levels are still a little below normal, then you’ll have trouble hanging onto your gains.

As for supps, I’m not sure if red yeast rice is really all that it’s cracked up to be. No expert on it, but from what I recall, I believe that the strain that was considered beneficial towards lipid levels is actually banned in the US now, and the available products don’t have the same activity.

Finally, add in some fish oil and make sure you drink plenty of agua.

No need for the 20mg for the whole first week - I did this and it was a waste.

Jump in at 20mg for the first day or two before going up to 30mg asap. From my havoc cycle I found anything below 30mg was a waste and 40mg reaped the biggest gains.