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Epistane vs MAG-10

hey new to the site kinda got left behind on supps. and stuff when i left for the core… back now i have about 5 years into lifting 24 y/o and weigh about 250 benching 315 i know kinda weak but im slowly getting back up there… dumbbell bench 120’sx9 for 3 sets, curling 60’s x 5-6 depending on the day… my lower body is a little weak cause of injury in the core but i cant stay away from lifting… any way cut the crap…

i knew someone who used MAG-10 back in the day and it worked pretty well for him, no bad side effects pretty much what im looking for… dd(no not drunk driving) was my personal choice until my friend developed a hole in his heart from it… i heard about this epistane stuff how does it compare to MAG-10… and is there anything on the market now like MAG-10? and what stacks do you guys like using(safely… for now anyway)? i guess you can consider me new to this stuff since i have been away for so long… i appreciate the help

What is dd and how did your friend get a hole in is heart from using it? Is he dead now?

I’ve only used MAG-10 and it filled me out more than it gave me strength, I had no side-effects and it ramped up my appetite something fierce.

deca durabolin, injectable and hes still living but he is always coming down with colds and they are worried cause even a slight cold could kill him and i dont know how the hole is effecting his life but i do know he doesnt do ANY physical activity anymore

How do you know that he got the hole in his heart from the deca?

[quote]BONEZ217 wrote:
How do you know that he got the hole in his heart from the deca? [/quote]

Exactly. Since when can steroids of any sort tear holes in internal organs. I could see something like that in the liver, if it were a 17-aa oral, but by what means could any substance add a nice little round hole to the human heart. I could immagine there being issues if it were caused by insane BP, but if that were the case, I’m sure he’d be dead by now.

either that or its a classic case of blaming steroids for an ailment that was probably genetic.

im not sure what he meant by it the last time i talked to him all he told me was he wasnt lifting anymore cause of a “hole” in his heart… and the docs told him no more physical activities he looks insanely ill now and the docs did tell him it was a direct cause of the roids and i can see roids doin something to his heart seeing that the heart is a muscle and roids are supposed to effect muscles. anyway back to my question

this kid was as fit as a horse before all this stuff and both his parents and grandparents are still living and none are having any serious health issues… trust me all that genetic stuff was brought up when i was trying to get him back in… well up until i saw him in person…

[quote]MrnTnk1 wrote:
and the docs did tell him it was a direct cause of the roids[/quote]

I’d like to hear the specific/direct link between Deca and the hole in your friend’s heart. I’m not saying that the Deca wasn’t to blame, I’d just like to hear a little more of a definative reason than “doctor’s said so”.

This sounds somewhat naive. Thousands of people take Deca every day and even though I have no idea how many people develop holes in their hearts but it’s hard to believe that this is anything but a rare case in which Deca has been used as a scapegoat.

well it doesnt matter im trying to find something comparable to MAG-10 and i was wondering about this epistane any advise or info on the original topic?

wow thanks for all the great info…i guess?

sorry dude. im actually curious to see how epistane compares to MAG-10. i love epistane but ive never used MAG-10

MAG-10 is old school but i just wanted to know what has changed in the anabolic world