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Epistane/Trenavar Stacked at 20/20


I have a bottle of trenastane (it's epi/tren stack) never taken anything other than base supps before, bcaa's, pre/post, and protein powders are it. But I really want to step it up a bit and one of my bros gave me this stack to take. He advised me to get some milk thistle and stop all drinking 3 weeks prior but after reading many forums I am a little cautious but all the forums refer to pinning and none on oral. I know oral is a taboo but don't pill bash, I don't have time to pin and honestly I like the idea of pills and powders better. Just my preference.

My question is; what do I need to take with it? Essentials only. I'll combat effects as I find them. Except the limp dick, that needs to be included in the essentials. Any advice ?

FYI: I'm 5'11 185 18% bf (started a few weeks ago at 195 around 21%bf) looking to cut bf to around 12 ASAP and sustain. I am already running a very clean diet with a 25% calorie deficient. Lift mon,wed,fri and HIIT mon-fri and loving every minute.


Reed, ill let you handle this one


"one of my bros gave me this stack"

"don't pill bash"

"I don't have time to pin"

"185lbs, 18% bodyfat"

4 reasons why Reed is going to shout at you.




Wow these prohormones have really cool names. Trenavar lol.


you used to be able to buy a protein powder called IGF-1!

How unethical is that?


Lol. Now we have hilarious "hgh" supplements for $39.95.


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First Post Bro!


I heard there's a protein powder called MAG-10 now. Crazy.