Epistane + T3 Woman Cycle

hi my girl want improve her body composition( low her bodyfat on t3 but not lose and muscle mass from t3 ) so consider a dose of 10mg epistane and 50mg t3 ed for 8 weeks its fine?

i dont know much for aas for women and side effects in this dose 10 mg epi what problems will may occur?

the dosage protocol its fine?

epistane’s a popular choice for women. Are you sure about the T3? Might not even be necessary.

Has she used anything before?

nop 1st time if she take

I’d just stick with the epistane for a first run then mate

I do not have specific experience with women and epistane, but I can give you a rule of thumb that repeatedly has proven pretty accurate.

For most anabolic steroids (Winstrol would be an exception on the worse side, testosterone is somewhat on the worse side also, and Anadrol believe it or not would be an exception on the better side) whatever dosage might be used for a man to give a cycle that’d you’d characterize as pretty mild yet modestly effective, divide it by 10 to give a cycle that’s pushing it but may be non-virilizing and certainly will be effective for a woman.

For example, testosterone 500 mg/week is a reasonably mild cycle, just enough to start being serious for most. You wouldn’t call it super-light for a beginner, nor is it a pro competitor dose by any means.

Testosterone 50 mg/week for a woman is at least quite serious. Actually it’s quite substantially likely to be virilizing: to make that a starting dose with no previous experience would be pushing it. That’s from testosterone being somewhat worse in this regard than most synthetics. So you see, dividing by 10 is if anything being conservative in how much to reduce for a woman.

(Would 50 mg/week be a pro competitor dose for a woman? Nope, for today’s female pros, the comparison would be to male cycles far beyond 500 mg/week, just as male competitors are well past that.)

If epistane is midrange (probably is) for virilization compared to most anabolic steroids, I’d figure epistane at more like 3 mg/day as an initial estimate.

I would not go by what one finds on bro boards because the number of guys that have virilized their girlfriends, who often do not want to be virilized, is huge and most of these guys think they did great and report their work as brilliant. Just as there are posts out there saying 50 mg/day Winstrol is great for women, there probably are threads touting 10, 20, or even 30 mg/day epistane. But you haven’t seen the actual results.

so u say try something like 5mg epi coz this already too much fro woman the problem is the capsules its all made 10mg each cap and its hard cut them

If Everclear 190 proof can be obtained (if not available retail locally it’s sold online and may be legal to ship to your state) I would dissolve into the Everclear and dispense the liquid. For example, dissolve 10 capsules (100 mg epistane) into 33 mL Everclear, and that’s 3 mg/mL.

The filler may not dissolve, but it’s virtually certain that all the epistane will (Dianabol will dissolve at 25 mg/mL, and it’s unlikely that the solubility of epistane would be more than 8 times worse if worse at all.)

If not wishing to do that, it’s not hard to dump a capsule onto a piece of paper and with a knife divide the powder into three or four about-equal piles. No need to put back into capsules.