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Epistane-Superdrol Cycle...


Thanks to those that reply: I am 44 years old. 73" and 193#. Have been following westside for the past 15 months with an average of 70# put on each of the BIG THREE lifts. I had done ONE cycle of epistane before using the following support: Milk Thistle, RedYeastRice, Saw Palmento and Liv52. PCT was Nolva at 40/40/20.

I felt like I had good gains over that one cycle and would like to try the following cycle and would like feedback on it:

Superdrol 30mg/day for three weeks (class 2) WITH Epistane (class 1) at 30/30/40/40 concurrently for a four week cycle. This will be used with Liv52, Milk Thistle, Red Yeast And Saw for the run with Nolva run again PCT. Does this seem like a feasable thought process ? Also, I have NEVER drank, smoked or toked so my liver, kidney and other organs are in solid shape

Can or should I expect better gains in STRENGTH specifically more than with Epi alone. I am looking to increase my power to weight ratio, much more than just getting bigger or HUGE. Thank you all for your time and Insight !


Yes, strenght gains will be better.

Cycle sounds fine for your goals but a moderate dose of testosterone for 8 weeks would be better.

Superdrol and Epistane are both illegal but if you have them already I guess that's not an issue.


Superdrol in the form of Dianavar and Epi by IBE. YOU do always come through for us and I thank you for it.
A last question: Could I concurrently run both for three weeks then add three more weeks on with the Epi @ 40mg while still using the requisite liv52-thistle-yeast-saw program? Then do my PCT for four weeks?

thanks again for your answers and continued success in the pursuit of a law degree...dirk.


6 weeks of those drugs, at those doses, shouldnt cause any siginificant harm at all. Of course there's a chance 6 weeks will stress your liver to an unhealthy degree, but it's pretty unlikely imo.


I did a cycle of epistane back in the day, before it was illegal...

My strength was through the roof. I could eat literally non stop and was constantly hungry. I put on a good 8 pounds in a few short weeks.

About 3 weeks into it, I ended up in the hospital with a stomach cramp so bad I couldn't straighten myself out. I had blood in my urine and ended up getting x-rays, CT scans, and a bunch of stuff in my IV. They never could tell me what happened. Needless to say I threw everything away. If I ever do anything again, it certainly won't be anything like that.



estrogen rebound from s-drol or clones isnt all that uncommon


My apologies: One last question. When I did my only cycle of Epi I read that it has a 6 hour half life so I did the responsible thing and spaced them out accordingly. Since I will be running Superdrol concurrently am I better of taking the Superdrol first thing when I wake up on an empty stomach since I work out at 6AM then space out the Epi the rest of the day OR do I take an epi/superdrol first thing then again 6 hours later and space the rest out accordingly ? Which will give me the best benefit overall ?

Once again thank you all and especially BONEZ for all the great and important inputs on all the forums, dirk.


Either option is fine. It really wont matter at all.


Not directed at the OP:
Did you drink? Or are you a drinker?
Why is is that if you tell people not to drink on this shit and they swear that they won't. Then they get sick and they admit "oh yeah, but I only drank once".
Yeah you got shit faced.
If you aren't going to take it seriously then don't do it.
And if it takes you serious effort to stop drinking before you start, then maybe your drinking is what is causing you to not make gains. You need to stop drinking, instead of starting a cycle.
/end rant


Superdrol and epistane are NOTTTTT illegal. I just purchased superdrol at flex appeal in burlington mass. they are not illegal. not sure where you got that from. Pluse you can get them on the internet at a number of different places.


Where are you guys getting that its illegal. so, I could get arrested for having epistane and superdrol, are you freaken kidding me or what. they are not illegal.


superdrol is banned by the govt. so is epi bc it is a steroid

clones are used to get around the ban.



you asked him a question about drinking then, with the OP answering, you attacked him

pleas STFU... thanks brah


None of what I said was directed at the OP. So I would appreciate it if, in the future, you didn't tell me to "STFU".



ah... i guess i just missed that "not directed at the OP:" part, my bad



Excuse me. I was mistaken. They are banned by the fda. Not scheduled as narcotics. Yet.


Ahhhhhh, the clones are legal, lol. its the same compound, lol.


See, there is no way they could prosecute you for being in possession of them. All you have to say is, "hey, I bought these legally at my health food store, its not my problem they are illegal. And i have never ever heard of anyone being prosecuted for possession of superdrol. thats a very hard case to win. considering they were once legal. They can't prove, you bought them while they were legal or not. I could have stocked up on them, while perfectly legal. just cause something goes illegal, thats not my problem.


better stock up in the near future if they are going to become illegal.


Not hearing about a prosecution doesnt really mean anything. But sure, the govt is definitely not looking to round up all designer steroid users.

But it is also true that the huge majority of people dont get prosecuted for possessing any type of steroids, regardless of how long ago it was put on the schedule.

I only brought up the issue with legality because I know some people are not in a position to take any risk at all. Grey area designer steroid clones are certainly in a different category than other non-fda approved supplements, even if they dont carry the same potential penalties as pharmaceutical steroids.