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Epistane Seized by Customs

This is a slightly tricky and confusing situation so I’m trying to see if anyone can offer insight.

I ordered a bottle of epistane from a UK site a month ago along with PCT and cycle support. Received the latter 2 but not the epistane. Emailed the website and asked why it wasnt here and was told it was seized by US customs.

I am currently located in Poland as a US soldier. I ordered to an APO address, which is why it was sent all the way back to the US first.

My questions are, is there a possibility this will be released due to me being located in Poland and not the actual US?

Will they attempt to charge me with some sort of crime and/or fee?

What else should I expect in this situation? I don’t understand how others are shipping these items to the states and receiving them. Did I just have bad luck?

You being in Poland doesn’t matter if it’s being shipped to an APO. For all intents and purposes you’re shipping it to the United States. I would say it’s unlikely that you’ll be in any trouble, although I don’t know if the military has different rules regarding the importation of an illegal substance. I once ordered some stuff from a UK company—I like their protein powder and was willing to pay way too much for it—and they sent me a ton of samples of other products. Within those samples were two different energy powders that are absolutely not legal here in the States. No idea why they sent them, nor do I know how they cleared customs.

You won’t be charged unless you attempt to claim it back from them. When all else fails plead ignorance. You’re fine.


^^^What he said.

Considering it was seized by customs, I’m thinking that means it never made it into the military system. Customs will usually give you time to claim it if you can prove a legal reason to have it and then destroy it. If they were going to charge you, they would have let it come through and gotten you upon receipt (from what I have read/heard). Since it never made it into the APO system, there should be no reason for the mil to know about it, thus no charges from them either.

You can see if the site has a re-ship policy, some do some don’t. I’ve known/heard of guys shipping ‘stuff’ through the APO/FPO systems, but not something I would personally ever risk. To each his own.

Pretty much what I expected, I’m just disappointed. Lotta wasted money and time. Im 27 years old and been hitting a wall lately, in comination with being in an environment where i cant lift or eat well. I havent used any prohormones, sarms, etc. before and this seemed to be a good happy medium.

No way for customs to reach me via mail due to being in Poland and me moving around different countries next few months so I guess it’ll just burn.

Any suggestions on a smarter path to take in receiving this product via mail or otherwise? I have OCT support and pct that I can’t really use now.

that’s an interesting thought. epistane is a steroid. you decided using a steroid was a ‘good happy medium’ as far as the prohormone, sarm, steroid world goes? Kind of baffling, to be honest. Epistane was marketed, when it was legal, as like a pro steroid or a prohormone, but the molecular structure of the product is indeed a steroid, without question. It’s one of the better orals out there.

I guess the other thing that really surprises me is why you’d take this sort of risk for this particular product. I don’t see how you can believe it’s worthwhile. To each their own, but damn.

What risk are you specifically talking about? The method of delivery or the actual use?

I misspoke Before, I’ve taken it once before about 5 years ago, and it’s the only thing I’ve researched enough to feel comfortable using for the price and lack of side effects.

Actually funny story about customs but they will hold on to items for.up to a year. Unless it’s food then is.destroyed within 72 hrs.

not the health risks. everything else.

You have nothing to worry about, i’d check with the company and see if they would had an insurance policy of some sort, if not, then I guess thats just something you’d have to eat. I want to say the worse case scenario is that you may receive a letter in the mail notifying you that your package was seized. Although those letters appear to come randomly; my advice if you do receive a letter to do as @physioLojik said and plead ignorance. You did not receive the letter, and you did not order that package. You are safe, regardless, all mail has to clear customs, be sorted, routed to the proper forwarding address, be sorted again, reach it’s destination in which it’s finally sorted and delivered… in other words you don’t have ANY ramifications on the military side. I’m currently AD as well and although i’ve never personally ordered any pharmaceuticals, I have been direct witness to others doing so and have seen both sides of the how mail is distributed. Hope this helps to ease your mind.

Appreciate the help. I’m not too worried but of course I want to see if anyone had any information on the subject. I’d still like to do a cycle in the future especially since I bought a bunch of supporting supplements.

Being in the military doesn’t make much difference. It isn’t allowed to use but they don’t test for it and unless I straight up told someone I was using it there’s no way of be in trouble.

Really just need to find a solution for receiving the product.

I didn’t feel like it was much of a “risk” due to several others I know here who took the same path in order to receive similar products. I was reassured by very trustworthy people it was a safe process. In this subject I feel like the most realistic way of being informed is referring to people with a lot of experience.

They will absolutely test you if you are caught in possession of illegal substances. I’ve ‘heard’ a really nosy SNCO can get you tested if you ‘appear to be using’, but I’ve never witnessed it and given the risk-averse nature of today’s military (and especially it’s ‘leaders’) I kind of doubt it - said SNCO would be more worried about a counter-claim of harassment or some such.

Yes, of course. I’m in a position where I do not need to worry about these inspections, and most of the time people joke about me using all the time and it’s not taken seriously. If anything I’m more concerned with being fined for the shipment by the government, it probably wouldn’t even get to the military. Or having some sort of record of crime.

They’re gonna send your ass to Iraq. (that was the joke back in the day, when we were already there) What are they gonna do? Send us to Iraq?