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Epistane Prohormone

i tried this before 2 years ago at 30/40mg a day for 4 weeks, taking cycle assist along side the hormone followed by tamoxifen (nolva) cant remember everything i did i think it was 1 tab of tamoxifen (nolva) 1 packet so 21 days? with a natural test booster to help sex drive but when i finished the nolva and test booster i felt shut down / could not get an erection for afew weeks after, i went to get my test levels done but apparently they came back fine? i was not told numbers of anything.

results wise i gained 10lbs in 4 weeks and kept everything when i came off.

im tempted to try this pro hormone again but need some advice on how to avoid this situation again.

Why didn’t you get your numbers from your bloodwork? Your a paying customer, your entitled to your results. Just because they said your levels came back normal doesn’t mean they are optimal. Being in their “range” of “normal” can be bullshit.

Blood work is skewed as tamoxifen has a 14 day or so half life. But i wouldnt base it off libido. No estrogen can crush your libido. It did for me.

Viagra in the meantime… Lol. Or a N.O. Booster.