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Epistane /Possibly Fura Question


Firstoff i’m 30 yo. I’ve been visiting this webpage for a while same as other in order to research and investigate about the prohormones usage, right dosage, side effects, etc.

This is my first ph cycle. Well, once i got the Halodrol Liquigel from gaspari which many dont consider it ph but did not take as a cycle completely.

Now,i’m on epistane. So far my gains on this are strength increase and muscle size.

-The first 2 weeks i started at 20mg, with the first day at 10mg.
-On week 3 i started at 30mg but i stopped on wednesday due to a pain in the chest muscle that i didnot know by the moment (lol). On the thursday of week 3 i just took 10mg and didnot take anything until next monday (when pain disappeared). So i can say the week 3 was very irregular.
-So, on week 4 i continue at 30mg.
-Now i’m on week 5 at 40mg.

My question is, should i count that irregular week or just ignore it and count week 5 as week 4 and do 2 more weeks? I’d like to finish this week at 40 mg and do the next one at 40mg also, and then a last one at 50mg. Is this ok?

Also, i’d like to stack Furazadrol in the last two weeks that i’d like to do. Is it fine?

I’m also taking the other supplements: multi vitamins, bcaa, fish oil, cq10, whey protein. My diet i can say is pretty clean based on fish, turkey, chicken, rice, vegetables, tortillas, eggs, fruits, oatmeal, etc.

Thanks in advance for your replies, critiques, suggestions, etc.

I forgot to add that i’ve been weight lifting for about 8 years on and off, but seriously about a year. Actually i weight 204 and my height is 5’11.

Also, before i get blamed of not doing homework (lol), i know Epistane even mild it is methylated and furazadrol is not.

Please, i really appreciate any comments or suggestions,


There is a nearly 30 page Prohormone thread that is quite comprehensive.
And anything not covered in that is covered in the extremely numerous other PH threads floating around this section.
Your questions are extremely basic.

You were not getting many responses because…
Most of the users here dont bother with PH’s, we consider most of them to be “beginner stuff” for people cutting their teeth on anabolics.

short, 4-5-ish weeker, non-aromatizing, mild oral cycles…its hard to mess up too much with that.

Literally everything Im about to say is covered very clearly in our stickied threads…
But I understand how much MORE reassuring it is when you get personal advice that you know is coming straight to you about your exact situation, especially when its your first time with these things.

So here we go:

7 weeks total of methylated orals is the most we can recommend. Don’t worry too much about running the exact number of recommended weeks, just dont drink alcohol at all on cycle, or in the PCT. (And no Tylenol or medications containing acetaminophen either)

These drugs aren’t likely to hurt you at those doses for that period of time, but dont risk it by doing stupid things.

Your liver isnt going to explode because you ran it a few days longer, I doubt your liver values will be much impacted at all if you decided to run it for the full time with your furazadrol.

Fura is miotolan based, and is pretty close to winny for most purposes, but with different bioavaliaility, etc.

You don’t need to know all that, just know that it is an oral steroid, its pretty much just winstrol.

NOW, heres the main point.
Even though both those drugs are on the mild side, you still need to run a PCT.

Which means you need a SERM, which is a prescription drug, you cant go to a store and buy it, and nothing you can get over the counter can be used in its place.

Nolvadex or Tamoxifen citrate is what you should get. (nolva is the brandname).

Run 40mg/day the first week.

40mg/day the second week, then 20mg/day the third and fourth week.

You will need this in your body the DAY you come off your PH’s, not on hand…down your throat.

If you dont have an SERM sitting in a drawer right now, waiting to be taken when you come off, you need one ASAP.