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Epistane or Superdrol?

Howdy y’all

I’m closing in on my last 6 weeks of my 16 week 250mg test e, 400 deca, 75mg proviron cycle. So my dilemma is should I go with 20-30mg superdrol or 40mg epistane for the last 6 weeks. I’ve run Sdrol before and that shit is godly. I’ve never used epistane so I’m unsure how well it’ll work for me.

Also do blood lvls matter by splitting the doses up throughout the day or should I just take all pwo? I’m reading that active life and half life are different and taking it all pwo it will eventually build up in my system as if I was splitting doses.

Thanks for any input y’all.

@iron_yuppie I know you’ve experienced both.

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Superdrol is so hard on your body. It is indeed God Mode, but after three weeks you start to feel like a god if gods could contract AIDS. Epistane OTOH is really mild and almost feels like you’re not on anything. Based on your cycle thus far I assume you’re going for mass. I think either option will get you what you want, but it’s now all about how much stress you want to put on your body. I always vote epistane, because it’s treated me well, but it’s kind of a coin toss if I’m being impartial.


Thanks brother! I think epi will be the choice. This cycle is so mild no sense in stressing the body out the last 6 weeks. So I’m assuming epi being as mild as you say, using it pwo won’t do much in the way of offering added aggression?

I tell ya, the statement of “less is more” is the truth. This cycle has netted better gains than when I ran tren. I really enjoy deca.

I never get much from taking orals pwo, but I do it anyway. It’s a psychological thing. I never get increased aggression from anything, so there’s a chance that I’m just weird.

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Hey @iron_yuppie, does the 400mg of deca or the 40mg epi I just started lower immune systems? This whole Coronavirus BS has the wife asking. I know when I was on tren I had no idea I had strep until the bacteria was actually backing up in my body. I mean I don’t wanna quit with only 6 weeks left. But I can’t find anything definitive online about gear lowering immune systems.

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I’ve read that testosterone is minimally suppressive, primo is (maybe) actually a mild booster, and everything else is a mystery. I would say don’t worry about that part of it for now. If you’re healthy you have little to worry about, macro view.

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Thanks buddy… how goes the primo blast? I’m really interested in it. Just can’t justify the price at this point.

Well, it’s on hold for now. Four weeks in and we get hit with shutdowns of everything. Go figure. So I’m going to drop the dose to 200mg for the next (I’m guessing) four weeks, and if the gym is back open I’ll simply up the dose to 800 (was previously at 600) and run it out for another 10 weeks. That means I need to buy more…fuck.

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Yea they just closed my gym tonight but fortunately at work we have a full gym so I will just use it till April 12th when my gym reopens. Surprisingly my work gym is fully equipped. I mean not as good as my regular gym but good enough to continue the blast.

Well man you are gonna have to keep me posted on the primo blast. I’m really interested in the gainz. If they are decent I may have to secure a bunch. From what I’ve read primo is the healthiest choice of gear to run.

I have some equipment at home, just a few basics and some kettlebells. So I’ll be ok as far as a normal, don’t-get-too-fat routine, but not enough to maximize this blast. It’s cool you have a gym at work, that’s kind of a dream for a lot of us.

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Hey @iron_yuppie… I was thinking of adding primo to my cut 3 months after this cycle ends. So it would look something like this:

12 weeks
Test e 250mg (trt) 1-12
Primo 800mg 1-12
Var 50mg 1-6
Proviron 100mg or mast e 200mg 1-12

What do you think about the doses? Also would proviron or mast be better for this? I know var messes with lipid and mast is pretty bad to, so I’m leaning towards proviron.
Planning on starting at 500 deficit and increase to 1k.

Oh… good call on the epi man! I’m doing 40mg and I have no negatives. I can still eat, no lethargy, only good pumps and I can feel the glycogen retention. It’s great! Sdrol is beastly but the sides are brutal.

Would you hypothesise epi is harsher/less harsh mg/mg compared to dbol?

Throwing lipids aside (given the characteristics of epi) I imagine the effect on lipids would be extensive

I’ve heard perhaps inadequately stored epi could theoretically degrade into desoxymethyltestosterone.

Some people state methylepitiostanol is mild, has minimal effect on blood work besides lipids… Others state they have dark/yellow piss (indication of hepatotoxicity, or renal strain if urine is bloody), lethargy etc.

I’m sure it’s dose dependent, 10mg epi/day won’t fuck you up as badly compared to 100mg/day (believe it or not some go up to 100!) I think the most ballsy dosing pertaining to orals I’ve ever seen on Reddit’s steroid subsection was around 60mg sdrol/day, that or the guy who ran high dose anadrol for months and months on end, though we have clinical data regarding prolonged use of oxymetholone… Not exactly “safe”

Then again when looking at compounds like tren, for some this isn’t dose dependent… Some can’t handle any amount of tren, no matter what

@iron_yuppie @36_grit

To be honest I’ve never tried dbol so I wouldn’t be much help there buddy. Maybe iron has more insight On this matter. I did bloods before I started and my ast was in range and Alt elevated by about 10. So I’ll know more when I complete this 6 weeks. I will say I ran 20mg sdrol for 6 weeks and my alt only went up like 40… actually I have bloods after sdrol run…

Hey bud did you see my question above about adding primo into the cut. Also if mast or proviron would be better.

I’ll throw in my 2c. You don’t need over 1g of gear to cut. Unless you’re Mr. Olympia you’ll hold onto your muscle fine running the Test only. Save the 800mg primo for a bulk cycle. 200mg masteron is a waste, you won’t get any benefit at that dose regardless of what you’re trying to do. Finally, 1k deficit is a bit extreme, I’d limit your deficit to 500.

I think that sounds good, man. Run the primo out longer if possible. Since it’s a slow burn you want to maximize your time with it. When I resume my blast I’m going to bump up to 800 just because I can.

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Iron my man, so I ended up getting enough primo to run 20 weeks at 800mg per week. Well really 24 weeks, but there will obviously be some loss. Question though, how soon should I start the calorie deficit? Weeks 1-6 I’m gonna roll var at 50mg daily. Plus I think I’m gonna do mast e at 200mg a week instead of proviron to lower my SHBG. I have ALOT of mast e to get rid of lol.

So yea big dog, when should i start the deficit? Should I front load primo at 1600 the first 2 weeks?


Hammer the deficit early. That way you’re going from a normal state right into fat loss. After the six weeks are done, if you’re satisfied with progress, you can probably recomp like a motherfucker with test/primo/mast. Or alternatively save the var and start it week 7, and use the test/primo/mast during the deficit. You don’t need a ton in the way of anabolics to hold muscle in most deficits, so perhaps the var would best during a recomp phase.

I am, sadly, back on the normal people train over here. Cut out the primo after five weeks, and I’m back to regular old trt. Missing the cardio I was able to get in when gyms were open. Diet has been rough too. I’m one of the lucky ones who’s still working, so stress has been brutal. I’m salivating over here to start back up again. I’m even planning another order with my guy just so I have enough to make this next blast truly worth it. Feels like we have to make up for lost time, you know?


Yea man I hear ya. I’m in aviation and we went from 600 employees down to 153 as of today. Luckily they were all furloughed for 90 days so hopefully things will pick back up soon. Beings I’m in management I got to stick around, good thing too because we have a full gym here at work. If it weren’t for that I’d of had to stop my blast back in March. Cant believe this virus has brought us to our knees. Hell I’ve lost about 17k in my 401k as of last week. Stocks have seemed to level off and are slightly back on the rise. So maybe May timeframe we will open back up the country.

Good to hear your still working my dude! Sooooo many have lost their jobs. Hopefully you’ll be resuming your primo soon, I can tell ya there is nothing worse then having to stop when you’ve already got your mind set right and diet on point. Plus I’m sure you’ll have to get a few vials to accommodate for what’s been lost. But you’ll come out of this a champ man, I know you will!!

Thanks for the advice my man, I will definitely use the knowledge to optimize the cut and recomp.

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@iron_yuppie do you mind if I email you? I have a question For ya. Thanks man.