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Epistane: May Have Screwed Up


Alright so my friend gave me a bottle of LGI's Epi-10. He said it was just a test booster. I just found out it's a pro hormone and I only gave two capsules left. I have no PCT. What do I do? Nipple looks a little puffy, joints a little achy but other than that I feel fine. Do I just go ahead and order the LGI post cycle? No post cycle? What?


Epistane/havoc does not aromatize afaik. Do nipples itch or are they tender?

What happened to http://tnation.T-Nation.com/free_online_forum/sports_training_performance_bodybuilding_gear/first_cycle_need_advice_1?id=5754910&pageNo=0 ?


Epistane is a methylated version of Epitiostanol; it is not a test booster, it is in fact a steroid albeit a mild one. Suprisingly you can find it at some supplements stores.

It is reported to have anti-estrogenic effects and as such is supposed to provide 'dry' gains. This is where your achy joints come from. In fact, epitiostanol combats the binding of estradiol to certain receptors. That being said, everyone reacts differently, and gyno can occur whenever you meddle with your hormones.

Yes you should do post cycle. Again, yes you should do post cycle.

I dont know what LGI-post cycle is, but if it contains nolvadex or clomid (doubtful) then it should be ok.

Nolvadex is typically preferable, at 40/40/20/20 mg a day for 4 weeks, supposing your 'cycle' lasted 8+ weeks (you in fact shouldn't use orals for more than 4-6 weeks as methylated anything is not good for your liver and alters your lipid profile). If it was less you can drop a week off. The Nolva should take care of your nipple problem if it isnt too severe.

Listening to a random friends advice is a common way to get yourself into trouble, always research what you are taking if are unfamiliar with it.


Nipples are tender, not itchy though. - As for the other post.. I decided to reevaluate my diet which was flawed and my training routine. I now eat 220-250 g protein, 400-440 carbs, 80-100 g fat and 30-40 g fiber for around 3300 calories a day. A modified version of PHAT training. Gained 10lbs in the month since that last post. (with epic-10)


Thanks. Not sure where to get Nolva or Chromid. You think that'd be ok out should I try to get Nolva? Is it going to be bad that I take my last dosage tomorrow and my PCT won't get here for probably a week after I order it?


Not ideal, but do you have any recourse? You should be ok, you want time for the drugs to clear your system before beginning pct anyway, and I'm unsure offhand how long oral epistane sticks around.


Alright, no resource. But Thanks a lot for the help. I was about to trip out.haha


I said recourse not resource btw.

In case I wasn't clear you should try to acquire some nolvadex, I can't tell you where as a rule but if you google including 'research chemicals' in your search you may have some success.


Ah I didn't realize nolva was an injectable. I'm not about using needles.


Its not


You must use a proper PCT, nolvadex and Clomid for four weeks.
week 1: Nolva 40mg / day , Clomid 75mg / day
week 2: Nolva 40mg / day , Clomid 50mg / day
week 3: Nolva 20mg / day, Clomid 50mg / day
week 4: Nolva 20mg / day, Clomid 50mg / day

Neither are injectable, they are both oral solutions. google "reasearch company RUI" You will be glad you did, good luck.




I thought they were injectable because all I can find is liquid Nolva and Clomid. And I honestly couldn't have find this out at a worse time financially. There's probably no way I'll be able to afford both.


You take the liquids orally, and if you absolutely can't get the money for both then your best bet is to just get Nolvadex. Hope you learn from your mistakes and are able to recover. Your hormones aren't something to play with. Hope are are able to have kids in the future and aren't on TRT for the rest of your life.

Good luck.


Thanks I appreciate all the help. If it's that serious to get both maybe I can borrow the money. Definitely learned my lesson. Again Thanks.


How do you measure out the mg's?


I know I sound ridiculous to someone who actually knows about this stuff, but I don't and I'd rather sound stupid and learn than to not ask and not know. Is 70 ML Clomi enough?


You will need an oral syringe to measure out the liquids. 70mL should be enough, what is it dosed at per mL?

EDIT: generally you will receive an oral syringe along with your research chemicals.


says 35mg/ mL


It says 35 mg/ml that means it is 35mg per ml. So 2 ml's would be 70mg.

Use a calculator to figure out how much you need/want.