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Epistane/Havoc Trial

Updated: Saturday, June 30th




Monday, 2 July. (Day 6)

Upping the dosage to 30mg today, as I feel the 20mg is not worthwhile. Also, I decided that 8 weeks is too long of a cycle, so I’m going to bump it down to 5-6 weeks, depending on how things go.



Today’s workout was amazing. I took 20 mg Havoc before the workout and 10 mg immediately afterwards. I’m not experiencing any kind of extraordinary pump, but my in-gym focus and my strength was just through the roof. I hit a PR on the bench press, and in a huge way.

Prior to this, my bench was always kind of a point of embarrassment for me (still isn’t great). I have never been a really strong bencher, especially for my weight (175). I have previously hit 215 for a 5 rep set, but that’s as heavy as I have gone in recent months.

Today I did 225. For 6 sets of 4 reps. That’s an IMPROVEMENT.

I also did 5 sets of 10 reps on the incline dumbbell bench. First set of 10 with 85s, then 2 with 80s, and 2 with 75s. All felt relatively easy and I’ve never done that many reps with that weight before; though they weren’t WEIGHT PRs, they were PRs in terms of reps with that weight.

Squats were fine.

Chest supported rows were nice. I did 5x5 on that, using 3 plates in the lightest sets.

I did 5 sets of 10 on the “laying down on the floor” (back against the ground) cable curls. The pump that that produced was quite nice while it lasted.

All in all, a very good workout and one that made me realize that my strength is, indeed, rising.

Weight: 177 (+2 lbs in 6 days)

Awesome good to read your making progress.

[quote]Hagar wrote:
Awesome good to read your making progress. [/quote]

I asked some people on a forum about my dosing protocol and they said that the half-life is 5-6 hours. So, I’m going to take a dose an hour before my workout, and then again 5 hours later, rather than having the second dose right after the workout.

Maybe this will make progress even better? Time will tell.

Hey Dhuge,

Just wanted to say hi and I will be checking in on your progress.

Good luck man. You seem to be doing fine.

[quote]Petedacook wrote:
Hey Dhuge,

Just wanted to say hi and I will be checking in on your progress.

Good luck man. You seem to be doing fine. [/quote]

Hey man, thanks for keeping tabs on me!

It was pretty cool; last night I got an email from the RPN CEO. He saw my blog and seemed to approve of it and was helpful in answering a few questions that I had. He’s also going to send me an RPN tshirt, so that was pretty cool of him!

By the time I get it (Size L), it might not fit. lol

1.Deadlift till knees 50% 4Ð¥1,60% 4Ð¥2,70% 4Ð¥4.(28)
2.Bench press 50% 5Ð¥1,60% 5Ð¥2,70% 4Ð¥5.(35)
3.Flat dumbbells �??flies�??10Х5.
4.Deadlift 50% 4Ð¥1,60% 4Ð¥1,70% 3Ð¥2,75% 3Ð¥5.(29)
5.Squat �??scissors�?? 5+5Х5.
Total: 92 lifts

(sets and reps are reversed - I copied and pasted from extremefitness)

Today�??s workout went well, but was thoroughly exhausting. The pump in my chest and back was pretty good, but not irritating. I don�??t usually get pumps like that, so I�??ll chalk it up to a good pre-workout meal and the Havoc must be kicking in, at this point.

I�??m truly excited for next week.

My next training session will be Friday; I�??ll weigh myself then and I won�??t post back until then or the weekend.

Have a great 4th of July holiday, everyone!



Awesome, Tony.

Link me up to your blog when you have it up and running.

Good luck!

Day 10


Day 12 - http://web.mac.com/chrisd7/iWeb/Site/Havoc%20Blog/94861D8F-A105-4194-9808-95261D575DF3.html

I’m writing this entry to track the fact that I have had some lethargy in the past couple days, with minor headaches too, especially at night. Now, I don’t know if I can attribute this to Havoc or to 11-oxo (which I added in to my cycle at 3 caps per day). I would have to think that 11-oxo is the culprit, since Havoc didn’t cause lethargy prior to my supplementation of 11-oxo.

It’s nothing that’s so bad that I feel like stopping the cycle, but it is annoying. What I’m going to do now is test the supplements by taking them at different times; Havoc in the A.M., prior to working out, and 11-oxo around 6 P.M. This should reveal which supplement is responsible for the headaches, lethargy, or both.

I’ll be adding in RPM by Applied Nutraceuticals to battle the lethargy.

That’s all for today, a ball-busting workout is planned for tomorrow (DEADLIFTS!!!).


Weight: 182 lbs! (up 7lbs in just less than 2 weeks!)

Workout was lighter than yesterday’s, which was a 5x5 routine that included deadlifts, chest supported rows, weighted dips (75lb added to dip belt!), lunges, and leg press.

Today’s workout (being lighter, and sort of a “feeder workout”?? for tomorrow’s heavy session) was bicep-focused, with some shoulder work, rehab, traps, and stretching.

Towel-grip pull ups
Chin Ups
Barbell Curls
Cable Curls
Lateral and front raises
Band pull-aparts
Farmer Carries

Tomorrow marks the beginning of week 3 on Havoc, and my dosage will go to 40mg a day from here on out. I’m excited about it and really think that if the first two weeks are any indication of how this cycle is going to go, then I’m in for some real changes in the coming 2-4 weeks.

Most people’s Havoc logs talk about the 3rd and 4th week being the best as far as strength and body weight gains. I’ve already gained 7 lbs in the first two weeks, so if I can put on another 10, I’d be thrilled.

Aesthetically, I’m looking alright. Definitely not as lean as I was, but part of that is my lack of cardio. However, I know I’m gaining some good muscle, since my strength is going up. I’m much harder and more dense than I was prior to the cycle.

I also realize that to obtain my ideal physique, I must first obtain a not-so-pleasing physique, but then I’ll simply cut down and should look pretty good in the 180 range. My previous highest weight was 215 and it wasn’t a good 215. I lost 50 lbs to get to 165, and have been as low as 155. I know how to lose weight. So, worrying about a little fat accrual is not a big deal, since mentally, I know that I have the willpower to lose the fat if I need to.

But for right now, a lot of this weight seems to be some quality muscle mass. I’m noticing it in my chest, back, and arms. What little fat I have gained is on my lower abs (oh well).

So far, so good!

Tony, sounds like you’re busting your balls too…that’s what it’s all about. That push/pull routine is a good one, IMO, and you should see some nice gains in strength from it. And remember, strength and size are 66% correlated (I got that from some T-Nation article, I forget which). The stronger you get, the bigger you should get, and then blow up with bodybuilding style training once you reach a level of strength where it will become effective.

I think that’s why steroids put muscle mass on people. It’s not just protein synthesis, it’s the fact that the myofibrils become more dense and that causes the ability to contract harder and thus allows for a quick increase in strength. This is what I know is happening with me. So, this sudden increase in strength allows for larger loads to be used, which then causes more hypertrophy and then the JUICE can help that to recover more quickly and optimally.

Ahh, the juice. lol

On day 16 of Havoc use and yesterday’s workout was chest, grip, and abs. I actually bumped to 50mg and there were no issues with the significant increase. I’ll keep it at 40mg most of the time and may bump it to 50mg depending on how I feel. No side effects besides LBM gain and strength increases, so far.

Flat BB Bench - 5x3 with 225 lbs
Incline DB Bench - 3x8 (120, 150, 180)
Pec Dec - 3x8 (180, 195, 225)
Tricep Dips - 3x8 (bodyweight + 30, 40, 50)
Decline Sit Ups - 3x25
Ab-Wheel (barbell with weights as makeshift abwheel) - 3x10
Grip exercises

Day 17

Deadlift day, a day to rejoice, if for only a moment upon waking. For anyone who has a deadlift day knows that whatever kind of reverence one might have for the hallowed powerlift, it is only a short time away from that point when they will be doubled over in exhaustion. Maybe this is why we like deadlift day, if for only that moment. It never seems so bad in hindsight, but I secretly thank God that today is just a 75% of my 1RM…

Weight: 181
Havoc: 40 mg

Deadlifts - 3x5 at 315, 3x3 at 315
Weighted Pull Ups - Bodyweight 10, 8, 8, +20 lbs for 5x5
Hamstring Curls - 3x8
Reverse Hyperextensions - 3x8
Grip Work

Today’s workout: Day 18 (will train at 12:30 PM)

Havoc: 40 mg

Standing Barbell Military Press - 5x5
Seated Dumbbell Press - 3x8
Weighted Dips - 5x5
Front plate raises - 3x8
Rear Delt Machine - 3x8
Side Raises - 3x8
Incline Treadmill Walking

Went back to the gym to help my little brother through his workout and decided to set up a bench to do some presses for a little extra exercise. In between my brother’s sets I decided to keep adding weight, I don’t know why, I just felt really good and locked in.

I put on 225, my current 3-rep range weight. It felt easy. I put another 10 lbs on each side and went for 245. I did it for one very easy rep and decided to call it a day and just “save it” for my next chest workout which is supposed to be on Wednesday…but now i’m itching to bench again.

I believe that this compound significantly increases strength…not even through 3 full weeks and it’s really kicking in, I guess.

I should mention, body weight is 183 lbs (+8 lbs in less than 2.5 weeks).

[quote]dhuge67 wrote:
I should mention, body weight is 183 lbs (+8 lbs in less than 2.5 weeks). [/quote]


[quote]Headhunter wrote:
dhuge67 wrote:
I should mention, body weight is 183 lbs (+8 lbs in less than 2.5 weeks).



Yes, check the link to the blog.

Final weight: 190 lbs
Strength increases were incredible.
Will cycle it again, but do it in a “pulse” style.

So what did your gains end up looking like?