Epistane Halo Stacking

I used the search function and couldn’t find what I was looking for, so for give me if this has been beat to death. I am contemplating a Epi + Halo stack but an unsure of the dosing protocol I should attempt. I see that most take Epistane at around 40mg a day and if I am not mistaken halodrol between 50-75mg. I was kicking the idea around of 20 + 50 and possibly working the Epi up to 30 and then tapering it for a week on its own prior to PCT. Does anyone have experiance with stacking these two?

All info that I have pulled came from PH sticky and PH’s are chosen based of availability. I would use the real stuff, but orals are all I am afforded the oppritunity to use and I otherwise have no access available to me.