Epistane Cycle Help

Hi Guys, Im looking to do a Epistane Cycle but before i do it i wanted to check my Dosages and check that i have a decent PCT on hand as i know about how PH especially epistane can shut down Natural Test Production.

So to start with the Cycle looks like this
Week 1-EPI-20mg

PCT-will run the PCT for 4 weeks
It is Clomadex by Pure Labs containing:

Now i’ve heard of people saying Clomid and Nova but as this is my first cycle i wasnt to sure, also i’ve heard some people say these can give worse sides.

My on cycle support is just Pure Labs Cycle shield which is mainly to deal with toxicity.

I havent started this cycle and i wont start until i feel confident that the cycle is safe and will not damage me long term. Id ask that some people with experience maybe just read this and check that what i’ve read in my research is correct and that the cycle is good to go.

Thanks, Liam

Bump it up to 30mg/day.

Drop the OTC PCT supplement junk and run 20/20/20/20 of Nolvadex or risk problems – first cycle or not, your logic is asinine.

There’s a reason Pure Labs Cycle Shield is moderately cheap. While it does contain NAC, which is good, it’s missing TUDCA. Ante up another 20 pounds and get a TUDCA / NAC / other supplement for other vital organ support; your liver isn’t the only thing effected on cycle.

Or, follow your cycle plan and be hugely disappointed.

So Basically the things that i need to change are get hold of Nolvadex- run it 4 weeks at 20mg for my PCT and then get other supplements such as what you suggested for the on cycle. Ovbiously will be taking multi vitamins and BCAA, Fish oil etc too.

And bump epi to 30mg/wk. Since it’s your first cycle, you may feel “safer” treading the water at 20mg. If that’s the case, do so, but extend your cycle to no more than 6 weeks if so (ie, 1st week 20mg/wk, and 30mg wk3-5). You’ll get much more bang for your buck if nutrition is on point that way.

I just came off a 5 week kickstart of 75mg halodrol and 45mg epi. The stuff ain’t gonna kill you.

You should be all set then. It’s a pretty mild cycle.

Thought of doing an epi cycle also, but people always says test is needed. They say it will be hard to keep anything with epi only

Test would be best to run as a base (I had 500mg on my 75/45 halo/epi cycle) so you are more likely to keep your gains, but more importantly, you don’t feel like shit. Testosterone has 2000 bodily functions (other than building muscle, of course). What do you think is going to happen to youwhen you remove that (even epi will suppress natural testosterone)?

But, some people don’t listen. So, I provided the most sound information on an epi only cycle: better cycle support, 30mg/day for 4-6 weeks, and Nolvadex dosed at 20/20/20/20.

okay, well some ppl say they do nice on epi only, but tbh logically epi only wouldn’t be a solid cycle

No. It wouldn’t.