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Epistane Cycle - First Time Questions


Hey everyone, I’m new here to T-Nation and I wasn’t sure if an Epistane post was appropriate for this forum topic but I couldn’t find a better place for it. So I’m going to run my first cycle of Epistane and wanted some advice on my stack that I have so far and also ask some questions. I have researched all of this before but everyone has their own opinion and I often hear mixed responses.

So first off, I’m 22 years old, 6’2" and 185 lbs with probably 15% or more bf - not lean, but not fat - not big, but not small. Pretty much right in the middle.

I purchased two bottles of RPN Havoc. My first question is should I run my first cycle for 4 weeks or 6 weeks and what dosing? From what I’ve read, 20/30/30/40 might be a good start for me. Any advice?

Now for my stack that I purchased:

2 bottles of CYCLE ASSIST BY COMPETITIVE EDGE LABS - 1 for on-cycle and one for PCT
D-pol by purus labs for getting my natty test up for PCT
Inhibit-E for blocking estrogen PCT
Creature Creatine for either running during or post cycle to keep strength up.

So the reason I don’t have an all-in-on PCT supplement is because I read some reviews on most of the good ones and people were saying the main goals of PCT supplements are for liver support, testosterone boosting, and estrogen blocking. I read most of the all-in-ones do a mediocre job at these tasks and it is usually better to tackle them separately. So Cycle Assist has the best reviews for on-cycle support and also has great liver protection so I figured I’d take it both on and post cycle. D-pol seems to be the best natural test booster and Inhibit-E the best estrogen blocker. I know there are probably better test boosters and e-blockers out there that are more effective but are probably more dangerous as well.

Does this seem like a good cycle for Epistane? I know epi is basically the least likely prohormone to cause negative side effects, and can even be used in PCT in small doses to reduce gyno, that’s why I feel that this is a pretty good stack considering how mild epi is. How should I dose the inhibit-E and the D-pol? I have read that SERMs like Nolva are required after an Epi cycle. Is that true or is it not really necessary for Epistane since it is so mild? Also, do I need anything else? I plan to get a multivitamin and joint support but I have also been reading about anti-aromatasing and was wondering if that’s also necessary.

Sorry if I didn’t provide enough information but I can answer any questions or help out in any way I can. Thanks for the help and advice in advanced!


You have purchased all of the Internet hype crap.

But you you have any idea what you are doing. Please read the stickies in this forum.

Do not think for a minute that using that stuff is risk free.


it’s very kind of you to pay for the guys at GNC’s kid to go to college.

You need a SERM for PCT. All that over the counter crap is designed purely to separate fools from their hard earned gold.

Don’t feel bad, lots of people make the mistake of trusting those companies. You really do need a SERM if you are going to start fucking with your hormones


Thanks for your reply. So would you recommend Nolva? And do you have a recommendation for the best place to get it?


Despite the fact that I have seen some GNC nonsense labeled as Nolva-XT or something, legitimate nolvadex (tamoxifen citrate) is a prescription drug oftentimes acquired through the same channels as standard steroids. I believe source discussions are not allowed on most forums, but most are acquired online not in some dark alley or in a locker room. Dark alley and locker room deals are going to be outrageously expensive, and some websites are a scam, find a reputable one with good reviews.