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Epistane After Ostarine


hey i just finish 10 weeks - 30mg ostarine with no side effects …im not sure if i can jumb and run 5 weeks 40mg epistane…after ostarine?..or will be bad for my liver because osta is still hepatoxic not quite as epi but still hepatoxic
if i run epistane, iam thinking to use alongside as test base androtest(Cyclo 4-AD)

( i dont want to pin so dont ask,i did real cycles in past )

#goal recomposition

pct nolvadex 40/20/20
omega 3( 3gr in and out of cycle)
NAC for liver 1000mg
alpha lipoic acid 300mg…


Ostarine isn’t necessarily hepatotoxic. None of the actual clinical data suggest that there is an issue with liver function while taking Enobosarm, though that’s at clinical doses and not the ones that off-label users are taking.

That being said, better safe than sorry. I’m told Epistane is great but I’ve never run it.


Thanks for your response…i was happy with the results from ostarine i had good glycogen retention-good pumps and maintain my strength on calorie deficit …i didnt experience libido or lethargy problems at all…so iwas curious if we consider its slight hepatoxic and press hpta if its good to jump straight on anavar or epistane for 6 weeks…
i have never tried epistane and im not sure what is better for recomp 4-6weeks havoc(epistane) 30-40mg or ugl anavar 60mg?..


UGL Anavar is a crapshoot. If you can get legit stuff then it’s no comparison to epistane.