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Epimetheus' Sucks at Bench

So I started training last winter with the long term goal of getting an elite powerlifting total. My lifts started at:
squat: 350
deadlift: 495
bench: 315

not that great considering I weigh around 240 pretty consistently. My current lifts, one year later, are:
squat: 485
deadlift: 585
bench: 325

As you can see, my bench has suffered immensely while my squat and deadlift have made steady gains. I’ve got a meet coming up in june and I’d really like to put a minimum of 50 lbs on it beforehand. My weekly schedule will look something like this:

Tuesday: ME bench day
Thursday: ME squat/deadlift day
Saturday: DE bench day
Sunday: DE lower body/accessory work

A few things I’m going to try in order to add weight to my bench:
-buy a bench shirt. Keep in mind that, for now, I’m just trying to build up my raw bench. I’ve read good things about the Titan F6, so I’ll probably be picking one of those up in the next couple of days.
-incorporate band work on DE days and more board work on ME days.
-extra work for middle and upper back on Sundays. Possibly some form work.

I’ll be starting this after next week, which will be a light week for me. I’ll start posting my training on here right away, just so this thread isn’t empty for a week. I’d be grateful to anyone who could throw up a post or two with some helpful advice.

Thursday ME bench press
bench press warm up-- 135x10, 225x10, 275x5
work sets (3 board)-- 295x5, 315x3, 335x2, 355x1, 365x0
chin ups-- (bw)x3,(bw)x3,(bw+10)x3,(bw+10)x3,(bw+20)x3,(bw+25)x3
reverse preacher curl-- 65x10, 65x8, 65x6
lying extensions-- 75x10, 95x8, 115x6

Tuesday, ME bench press
Dumbbell floor press (4x5)-90sx5, 100sx5, 115sx5, 125sx2
overhead shrugs (3x10)- 95x10, 115x10, 135x10
reverse preacher curl (3x10)- 75x10, 75x6, 75x6
push ups, hands together (3xfail)- 10,12,13
lying extensions (4x8)- 90x8x4
face pulls (3x10)- 30x10x3

My shoulder was feeling tender, so I decided to take is somewhat easy and use dumbbells to deload. I’ve been having chronic problems with a tight pec minor and have done all kinds of things to try and fix it, but nothing has been long term, so far. I’m going to be integrating more closed chain pressing, hence the push ups, in an effort to strengthen the upper back musculature. I’ve been doing face pulls for a while and haven’t felt any real benefit from them, so I’ve decided to drop the weight and keep it low until there’s minimal discomfort in the shoulder.