Epigastric Hernia?

Anyone ever get an epigastric hernia? The other day I was doing heavy (for me) front squats starting from the safety bars, ass to grass, and I thought, wow it really gave me some good upper ab work! As the general burn subsided, I noticed one small spot dead center about 2 inches above my navel that remains sore and has a very small bump. About the size of a lentil. I am worried it’s a hernia. Anyone ever experience this?

It could be a umbilical hernia but lentil size seems kind of small. Google picture of umbilical hernia. If you still thinks it’s a hernia. Call your doctor ASAP. Don’t lift. They might be able to push it back in. If you become severely ill all of a sudden which I doubt. Go to emergency room.

I googled lots of pictures and descriptions. The epigastric hernia isn’t intestine, but fatty tissue poking thru a tear. Not very common it seems. and some people just live with it? I am fairly certain the doctor will try to sell me a surgery, thats why I want experiences from others who have had them.

Maybe an aggressive cut will just burn off the small piece of fatty tissue, lol.

Well, I didn’t stop lifting, or go to a doctor. The lump is getting smaller and pain is gone unless I press on it real hard. Perhaps it was not what I thought it was.