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Epidrone. My Impression and Some Questions

This product has definitely made me feel more assertive and “Alpha”. It’s given me an “I don’t care.” type attitude, but in a good way. I still have anxiety(I’m anxiety prone), but to what I worry about has drastically decreased and so has the amount in which I worry. Taking this product, I actually feel stronger and it has helped with my sleep. I can actually sleep 8 full hours without waking up, which has been a huge problem for years. Now, on to the questions. Is it okay to use Epidrone long term without cycling? I know you guys told me, that was okay to do with Dermacrine. I am currently taking 3 pills a day, every 6-8 hours like the bottle suggests. My last question is, has anyone gotten blood work while on Epidrone? I’m having blood work in about a week. I’m very anxious to see how much my testosterone has increased. The reason I started this product was to naturally increase my testosterone levels. I am 28 and my Total Testosterone was only 474 and Free Testosterone was only 93, but my LH was 6.3 and FSH was 4.9. DHEA and cortisol were never tested, but will be tested around the 30s, along with Testosterone levels, estradiol and prolactin.