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Epic's Natural Training Towards New All-Time Heights. (Or Lows...)


Hi i am Fireball, well actually i'm not. I am a human truth be told. But that kinda is my nic so it has some truth in it. I am 31 years old all-natural lifter. I pretend to powerlift but In my opinnion lately I have just been lifting things. I have quite busy life of late. Gf trains and I train and we have 1,5 year old boy. So training happens just 2x week nowadays at least the little man is 3 years of age. So, at least for the next 1,5 years I will be tesing how far reasonable 2x week training will take me.

Anyway here is my last workout in shortened mode:

Deadlift: 1x2@190, 1x1@190, 1x1@190kg. Did pyramids till 190kg.
Benchpress: 1x1@140kg and then 1x5@120kg. (pyramid too)
BB rows: worked till 2x8@90kg, 1x6@90kg. Then some backdown sets.
Press: 4x6@60kg. + Kloklov pressing.
Then biceps triceps and few more rows.

There we go, training log has been opened.


On saturnday I went to Finnish climbing park Huippu. I kinda didin't know how to break during the 40 feet slide (Actually it was 60feet just checked.) slidedown so I might have crashed against the ground back first. It sure efficiently knocked the breath hell away from me. After 3h of climbing, we got some subway food from the drive-in. I took gf to my siter's place, and went myself to my parents place to take their dogs out for a walk. After I had retrieved gf and little man, went to the gym somewhere around 8pm.

Squat: 15@80kg, 10@100kg, 8@110. 6@130, 3@150, 6@160kg. ( I went light, my knees weren´t feeling all that hot. Hadn't prolly been eating, or drinking enough throughout the day.)
Bench press: just rep training at relatively light weigts from 60 to 90kg. Can't really go full force with bp so soon after the maxing out day .
Lat pulldowns: 3x8@70kg, 4x6@70kg, 8@60kg, 2x6@60kg. Then did some hold at chest, superslow pulldowns.
DB rows: 2x8@32,5kg.
French press: 15,12,10,10,10@40kg.
Biceps: 15,12,10,8@35. 3x6@30kg.

Perhaps next week, I will change the pallet a bit to squeeze few more kilograms out to my bench max.
Not sure right now should I go with: Sheiko + RPE regime. (It seemed to work rather well the last year.) Cube + RPE was great too. I also concider should I just modify my own BPT: with RPE progression.

The thing is: 2x week training boosts recovery to new heights and I can pretty much pummel the body as much as I desire every single time, provided that the two are spaced far enough away from each others. I also have taken this time to clean my eats and lower my calories a bit for steady fat-loss.

Let´s see what this week brings... I Hope some relief at least for my stiff, pained back... I also could use a week's worth of shuteye.....


Yesterday's training:

Squat: 20@bar, 15@50, 10@90, 8@110, 5@130, 3@150, 3@160, 3@170, 6@180kg. OH YEAH!
Bench press: 20@bar, 15@50, 12@70, 8@80, 8@90, 6@100kg, 3@110, 1@120, 1@130, 1@135, 5@120kg. (Guess I can soon do the 150kg bench.
BB rows: 8@50,60,70,80. 6@90,100,80,80,80,70,70,70kg.
Tricep cable pulls: 4-5@10@ various weights.
DB rows: 2x8@30kg.
Biceps: regular curls 9@17,5kg, 12@15kg. Then isolation curls: 8@15kg, 2x8@12,5kg

Then foamrolling, shower and home.


Last friday´s midnight special. I slept 4 hours that day, felt tired, irritated and a bit down. However that didin´t seem to effect me much once i starterd moving.

Deadlift: 5s till 150kg, then: 3@160,170. 1x@180,190,205! (That 205 being the highest DL I have done in 2 years.)
Bench press: 20@50kg, 15@70kg, 10@80kg, 6@100kg, 3@110, 1@120, 135, 140 145kg then I did 6@110kg. ( the 145kg being the biggest bp i have done in 2 years.)
DB rows: lots, lots, lots and lots more reps.
Lat pulldowns: lots, lots and lots more.
Triceps: with french press.
Biceps: Not all that many... arms felt like super bloated macaroni, equally in performance, just pumped big..

Then shower, while having those really horrible jokes that come only after tired can´t even to begin to coup with the state of being. Those jokes likely disgusted, hurt many feelings and seemed insane to any outlooker that were not sharing the same "lose" state of mind..
Went to bed around 3am and woke at 08:00am... Such a great quality sleep!


Yesterday´s night train(ing):

Squat: 20@bar. 15@60, 12@80, 8@100, 3@110, 3@140, 1@150,160,170,180,190,200,210kg! (My old PR! I´m so happiehhh! Everybody said that the depth was fine. But I know I could done a bit lower at that weight.
Bench press: 12-8 rep sets with 10kg increases in increments until 100kg. Then totall of 32 reps at 100kg. Kept around 4-6 reps per set.
Machine rows: KA-KA-BA-TON/S"`#¤ load.
triceps: Cable stuff.
Biceps: Cable stuff.

I truly do like repetition quota training. As in: set heavy enough weights that you can´t do more than 6 reps in the begining and fill that quota no mater how many sets it takes. Then again i like lots of different kinds of training.

Some Meatlosophy & meatculation:
Try not to become a man of success, but rather try to become a man of value.
- Albert Einstein
Intresting fact: There are more than twice as many quotes and proverbs about value, than there are about worth. And there is over ten times many quotes about success than there is about value or worth.

It´s actually rather Mind–boggling, when you really start to think about the requirements of becoming a man of substance and of value versus that of success.


For the past two weeks, I have gotten my ballz groped by more males, than would had ever wanted. :sob: I was happy with just me doing that… (Well this is a one way to start a new entry…)… Good side: they found nothing a miss. Bad side: they found no reason for the pain either…I been working at hospital doing AP installations. I guess i caught something from somewhere. First came the typical flue: nose running, sore throat, the works. Then came the pain: intestines became inflamed, feaver and the works. What worries me that my right ball began hurtting… still kinda does… . Then kid got sick, then my fiancee… And this week I been doing on-call work. which means I been pretty much working 14h per day. I haven´t got around to the gym. Hopefully tomorrow.

Just a Few updates: I have upgraded bench to 145kg, deadlift to 210 and squat to 210kg.
Those above mentioned lifts are remarkable, since they have been achieved with 8kg/17,6lbs lower bodyweight than the orginal records. Now just need my bench to 150-155kg, squat to 215kg, deadlift to 215kg and i can call this year a success.


And another small update:

Squat upgraded to 215kg/473lbs. (I was alone so no video.:frowning: but took a picture anyhow.) And yes, I am stupid, squated without safety bars outside the rack. It was DO OR DIE. (Or at least shame myself badly by dropping)

Attempted to realize 215kg deadlift but couldn’t straighten out it just yet.
Attempted 150kg bench but couldn’t get the few last centimeters to clear it.
Now I must move my goals to this year. It´s probably good since I was starting to feel overtrained :frowning: