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Epic Troll

This guy is great.

“Environmentalists would rather stop earthquakes than create jobs”

please post more these are super funny.

the one about the rover is hilarious

Thanks Nards! This guy really has a thing going.

Damnit Nards, I spent all day at work reading this.


[quote]Ronan wrote:

[quote]DarkNinjaa wrote:
Lol. Strangely I had Rock in mind when reading these posts.[/quote]

Damn are you tight! Ass looks like 2 caramel dipped apples.[/quote]

Bush’s Beans is awesome lol

This is priceless, because in a way, that is actually done.

This is so hardcore on the edge between trolling and genuine satire that I am in awe

Damn this is funny, more please.


I’m imagining Ken M to be Zach Galifianakis.

[quote]XanderBuilt wrote:
I’m imagining Ken M to be Zach Galifianakis.[/quote]

LOL! Seems likely.

That’s the link to his blog…over 50 pages of this stuff!


Well played.