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Epic Transformation Cycle Ideas


Alright guys an open ended question for you,

I’m going to be slowly building up my gear stack, until I have enough to run an epic 16 week transformation cycle.

I’m talking 750-1g test PerWeek
Heavy deca use
Heavy anavar
IGF of some sort (possible HGH use)
Heavy tren and wini to finish…

That sort of thing,
So if you had 16 weeks to use any amount of gear to transform into a real freak, how would you guys do it??



Personally, id stock up on food. (The most anabolic substance) :wink:
Tren with Mast run entire cycle is my favorite. (With low dose test as base) Bulk or cut.


Don’t worry man, getting all those clean meals and many protons in me.

Thanks for the input! Never tried mast, kinda feel the dosages have to be run pretty high to get gains from it?

Being cycling for years with moderate dosages, 500mg test + something else, that sort of thing…
Just wanting to test the limits one time and see what happens :sunglasses:


3g tren, 3g deca, 3g test.

then i would for sure have a heart attack by 2nd week but if steroids had no sides you would be a beast by week 16.


Well… This will be a sweet cycle if you don’t have some gnarly sides… Thats pretty heavy gear. Gotta love Tren! Do you have any idea how you want to run your dosages? I only ask that because Heavy is different to different people. If you run GH you might wanna pair it with some slin. Masteron and EQ make for a sweet cut, but you’ll have to dose them pretty high. EQ takes a while to kick in, but you’ll be a vascular fuck when it does.


gram of test
750 deca
25 anavar
25 dbol (I know you didn’t mention dbol but the synergistic effect with anavar would greatly benefit you)
750 tren
25 winstrol

All of the above run for the entire cycle. bump the orals to 50 for the second half of the cycle. You could also kick start with npp if you really want to get crazy.


Nice NPP would be unreal what test do you plan on running?


wk 1-16 900mg eq
wk 1-16 750mg test
wk1-8 700mg NPP
wk 9-16 500-700mg Tren A
wk 1-6 dbol 50mg
wk 11-16 adrol 100mg


Gonna second this one right here.

Also, OP, don’t waste your time on IGF, go with HGH.


Thanks for the input everyone! Has been really helpful. I won’t be running this beast for awhile but hopefully later this year, rest assured I’ll document the cycle here as well!

So I’m thinking:

1-16 test 1g
1-8 NPP 700mg
1-8 anavar 30mg
1-6 dbol (optionally because I don’t react well with the bloat, low sodium + no carbs and I still look soft)
8-16 tren A 700mg
8-16 winstrol 40mg
8-16 anavar 50mg
– HGH if I get ahold of it
–Adex + caber for sides

I take T3 for an under active thyroid condition, so I’ll up the dosage abit during the cycle, T3 levels drop during my cycles for some reason.


that would do it… but I would change the dbol and anadrol. I would run them both together from start to finish but lower the anadrol to 50mg ED. I would also up the duration of the cycle to 24 weeks. might not need the Tren or EQ, just try pulling them in and then out to see if you feel a difference. I would up the dose of test to 1g and pin EOD. NPP is fine at 700mg a week. combine that with the right amount of food and you are well on your way to bigtopia…

no need for winstrol, anavar or specially HGH . Adex should only be used as needed.

I see many people combining bulking and cutting strategies all into one short cycle of 12 to 16 weeks. that’s a mistake and waste of time and money. when you do that, you do not give enough time to either strategy to work for you. you will have gains no matter what you do but it will not be the best use of your time and money. pick a strategy and run it from start to finish. you can leverage the other strategy on the next cycle.


I run mast at a moderate dose with tren, everytime I run tren, for the synergistic effect. Tren sides don’t seem to exist or atleast very less than without mast ran with. Plus I never run into any libido or tren dick issues this way…quite the opposite. Good luck!


nothing better than deca, with some tren to lean out


Since we’re talking about this, I figure I might as well share what I’m running right now leading up to a strongman show in march. bodyweight isn’t a concern. I’d actually like to add lbs if possible, and could tolerate up to about 15 extra lbs in the next 5 weeks.

1g test
600 deca
100 npp EOD until I run out (might get me all the way through 5 weeks. possibly a week short)
50 anavar
50 dbol
was running epistane at 50, but dropped it today. figure the dbol and anavar will be more than sufficient as replacement, and they are cheaper and easier to find.

This is essentially the biggest cycle I’ve run. Never run deca or npp before. I ran similar numbers a couple years ago once, with tren instead of deca, and halo instead of the anavar. Strength gains were unreal the last few weeks of that cycle


Looks fun - How many weeks into it are you and how long will you be continuously running orals for?

My current cycle is the heaviest I’ve done, although i don’t think it’s particularly heavy given how mild EQ is. Only two weeks in;

750 test
750 EQ
350 Tren A

I have decided not to use orals unless to peak for something such as a show or powerlifting comp. Just don’t want the more pronounced negative effects on lipids, BP and possibly kidneys unless its to try and win something. I do love dbol though, it gives me awesome strength and i stay dry on it.


i pretty much don’t take a break from orals while on cycle. i switch them out. So i was on epistane since the beginning of january. I’ll run the dbol and anavar through my competittion march 11.

I’ve only been on the npp/deca for a bit over a week. will run the deca past the comp.


I like your stack but any way you can swap the var for some drol? same dose at 50MG ED along with the dbol 50MG ED. I personally love these two together and if I can only have one, it would most definitely be the drol but then I would increase the dose to 75MG maybe 100MG for short sprints and back down. for me drol is like my Amex card. I never leave home without it… and yes!!! run them from start to finish…


drol is one of the few things I haven’t tried. And actually this is only my first time running anavar. I can’t get drol in time for this cycle, but I’ll run dbol and drol together next time and see how i like it. I probably much always include dbol though. It’s great for my sport, and particularly for me since the bloat, although minimal, is a benefit.


cool man… good luck with the cycle… you will get some serious gains out of it. and yes, I highly recommend you trying both drol and dbol together when possible. they compliment each other nicely so you don’t have to take too much of either. if you can, do them as part of your cycle from beginning to end. it’s a common practice to use them as Kickstarters but that’s a waste. just think about it, regardless of the compound, how much muscle can you possibly gain in 4 weeks as most people suggest you should take these orals for. it makes no sense. the only thing you will gain in 4 weeks is water retention. for that you could just simply load up on creatine and save your money. I will tell you from personal experience. I have no problem admitting to doing year round cycles. not calling myself a pro but have trained with many and we all do it man. it’s just that many won’t come out and admit to it. with that said, I have easily ran drol for up to 6 months at a time. I’m 40 years old and drol was the first steroid I ever experimented with. I am not saying it was the best strategy but it was not a bad one either. All steroids will shut your natural production and cause many of the same side effects. I was in my teens and was training with a pro powerlifter at the time and that was the steroid of choice. He was my first gym mentor. the man took drol like once a day vitamins. he is still around. not lifting like when he was younger but has a great time telling his stories lol… do the research on your own and you’ll see that most if not all cases of bodybuilders who ever suffered from liver damage which are few, where all taking tons of other stuff far more toxic than drol or dbol such as pain killers etc… most had addictions to deal with. You should always be careful and take your safety measures but don’t believe that drol or any other oral will kill your liver if used for more than 4 weeks. that’s just ridiculous. once again… best of luck bud


I’m absolutely with you on this. I pretty much always run orals through my entire cycles, and I’ve even run low doses orals on ‘cruises’. If I could afford it, I’d probably run dbol year-round.