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Tell him he’s a little BITCH.
My training log.
I plan to be an IFBB pro competitor one day. I am currently 20 years, 7 months, 21 days old, and weigh 213. Highest weight so far has been 219.
Started working out around 15 @150.
Started training seriously around 19 @190.
Started training legs consistently INTENSELY around 8 months ago.
Calves 3 months ago. :confused:
Injured wrist tendon about 4-5 months ago, and still am not able to lift at full capacity on certain upper-body exercises because of pain and tenderness. Also, I strained my left rear delt when I was about 17, and didn’t give it enough time to heal, and it still gives me issues to this day, but I have recently begun to get more active about increasing flexibility in my shoulders and wrists.

Brief history is over. Commence the liftz.
My normal weekly split looks something like:
Day 1: Hams
Day 2: Chest
Day 3: Quads
Day 4: Back/Shoulders
Day 5: Bis/Tris
Day 6: Calves/Abs/Forearms (also done at various other times throughout week)
I’ll pretty often skip shoulders entirely, and about half of the time train legs twice a week.

Standing Ham Curl (1x20, 1x20 DROP 1x20, 1x20 DROP 1x20 DROP 1x20)
Prone Ham Curl (4 x 12-20)
Hyperextension (4 x bdywght)
Stiff-Leg DL (4 x 12-15)
Leg Ext Calf Press (1x12 [explode up, 5-sec negative, stretch at lowest point for 15 sec])
Seated Calf Ext (7 x 15-20, 30-sec rest)

Btw, I’m gonna borrow Doveofwar08’s idea and add a little metal in.

Today’s BRUTAL Motivation

'bout time you got one started.

I like it because of the awesome song.

Oh, and the other awesome stuff.

Yes! Subscribin!

[quote]mmatt wrote:
I like it because of the awesome song.

Oh, and the other awesome stuff.[/quote]

Thanks guys!

Just got back from hams. Man. That was FUN.
Ended up changing it up a bit. Did:
Seated Ham Curl (210x20, 225x20 DROP 135x20, 225x20 DROP 120x20 DROP 75x20)
Standing Ham Curl (40x20, 30x20, x20, 25x20)
Hyperextension (bdywghtx10, 10x8, x8, x8 [6-sec negatives])
Stiff-Leg DL (135x15, 225x15, x10)
Leg Press Calf Press (195x9 [explode up, 5-sec negative, stretch for 15 seconds when fully extended])
Seated Calf Press (45x15, 80x15, x15, x15, x15, x15, 45x15 [barefoot])
DC Ham Stretch

After my stupid quad fun on Monday, I am limping pretty badly now. Calves are starting to shape up, but mainly just getting super-vascular.

Aw fuck dude, I thought this was the BOI and I posted today’s training here. Lol my bad!

Pretty brutal looking training going on. :slight_smile:

DB Row (80x15, 100x8, x8, 110x8)
Close-Grip Low Cable Row (255x10 DROP 165x10 DROP 90x10, 270x10 DROP 165x10 DROP 90x10, 270x10 DROP 150x10 DROP 75x10)
Wide-Grip Lat Pulldown [4-sec reps] (120x8, x8, 105x8, x8)
Lat Pressdown (100x15, 110x12, 100x12, 70x10 [6-sec negatives])
Hi Machine Row [FST-7] (Don’t remember all the weights. Stayed strict.)
DB Pullover (90x12 DROP 50x12)
DC Stretch

Great pump today. i haven’t lost any workout intensity or aggression since ending PH cycle 3 days ago. Lol The gym electricity went out right as I walked in (it was storming pretty badly), and as a result, it got just warm enough to help my pump, without making me sweat an annoying amount. Felt really good overall.
Didn’t have to use straps until the DC Stretch, either. Second back workout in years that I’ve forgone using them.

[quote]xjusticex2013x wrote:
Aw fuck dude, I thought this was the BOI and I posted today’s training here. Lol my bad!

Pretty brutal looking training going on. :)[/quote]

Lol No biggie, dude. Glad to see you’re checking out what I’m doing! Thanks bro!

Spider Curl [4-sec reps] (30x8, 35x8, x8, x8)
Straight-Bar Tri Ext [FST-7] (150x12, 200x12, x12, x12, 170x10, 150x10, 130x12, x10)
DB Preacher Curl (40x12, 40x12, 40x10 DROP 25x10, 35x10 DROP 20x10)
Rear DB Tri Ext (80x15, 80x15, 80x12 DROP 40x10, 80x13 DROP 40x10)
Kickback [4-sec reps] (10x8, x8, x8, x8) Tris were blown out at this point.
Wide-Grip EZ Bar Cable Curl [FST-7] (100x12, 110x12, 120x12, x10, 100x10, 80x12, x12)
Decline Crunch (bdywghtx17, x15, x13)
Forearm Rope Twist (10x2, x2, x1)
Accentuated Crunch [4-sec reps] (50x8, x8, x8)
Wrist Curl (25x12, x12, x12)
Machine Crunch (55x17, x15, x15)

GREAT pump today. Felt really good, and my arms were bigger than I’ve ever seen. Weighed in at 218. :stuck_out_tongue: Eh. I still gotz abz. Some…
Lol I fucked around and got two gigantic bags of Fruity Dyno-Bites and Berry Colossal Crunch cereal… What a mistake. xD

Brutal Motivation Today

Btw, this is my last post until next weekend, at least. Working tomorrow, then leaving on a 5-day cruise Monday. :smiley:
Eat clean and lift heavy, guys.

Still following here.
What are the rear DB extensions?
Seated behind the head db extensions?

[quote]Blaze_108 wrote:
Still following here.
What are the rear DB extensions?
Seated behind the head db extensions?[/quote]

Yep. I just use shorter names for some things when I write my routine on my phone.

Got back from the cruise today. Had lots of fun.
Ended up working out 4 out of 5 days, just kinda dicking around most of the time. Had a semi-serious workout the day before I left:

Pec-Deck Flye [6-sec reps] (4 x 6)
Hanging Leg Raise [4-sec reps] (4 x 8)
Machine Chest Press [6-sec reps] (4 x 6) Set seat at bottom position to focus on upper chest.
Plate-Loaded Crunch (10 x 12, x12, x12)
DB Press [6-sec reps] (65 x 6, x6, x6)
Machine Crunch [4-sec reps] (70 x 8, x8, x8)
DC Chest Stretch (60 sec)

DB Incline Curl [6-sec reps] (4 x 6)
DB Skullcrusher [6-sec reps] (4 x 6)
Curl Machine [6-sec negative] (4 x 8-12)
Shoulder Press Machine (4 x 8-10)
Tricep Press Machine (4 x 8-10)

Leg Ext Calf Press [explode up, 5-sec negative, 15-sec stretch] (2 x 12)

Did 20 min. of cardio and 4 more sets of calves a few hours later.
Hahaha I left Monday weighing 218, and by the end of the cruise I was 208. I ate as much as I could, but with how busy we were the whole time and the crappy (and way overpriced) food options ashore in Progreso and Cozumel, I went hungry for 4-6 hours at times. Managed to keep my drinking contained to one day, though.
And I made it count.

Brutal Motivation

Leg Ext Calf Press (195x12, 210x12, x12, x12, x12)
Seated Calf Press (2px10, x10, 10)
Seated Ham Curl (240x17, 285x14, x12, 270x12, 240x13, 225x13 DROP 135x12 DROP 75x15)
Squat (135x10 warmup, 315x10, x9, x8, x8, x8, x8 DROP 225x8 DROP 135x8)

Tried out an idea from a leg workout I saw Shelby Starnes post on FB. It was supposed to be 8x8 Calf Press, 8x8 Ham Curl, and 8x8 Squat. I added some drop sets instead of just all straight sets, altered the reps, and did two different calf exercises, but kept the overall plan the same. Very good workout; super sore today.

Brutal Motivation

Chinup (bwx20, x13, x9, x13)
Behind-the-head Pulldown (120x10, 105x10, 120x9, x9) Very slow and controlled reps, pause at top and bottom.
Hi Row Machine (110x12, 130x12, 150x10, 150x9)
Hyperextension (25x12, x10, x9, x8)
DB Row (90x10, 110x10)
One-Handed Cable Row (mimicking DB Row position) (80x15, 110x13, 130x9, 140x8)
Close-Grip Low Cable Row (180x15, 210x12, 225x10, 240x8 DROP 165x8 DROP 105x8)

Strength is still up decently for how much weight I lost. Also threw a set of bench in yesterday with legs, just to see how many times I could get 225. My PR is 17 @217 bodyweight. Yesterday, with no warmup, @~205 bodyweight, I did 16. Chest is definitely improving greatly. :smiley:

Brutal Motivation

Decline BB Press (225x12, 275x7, x7,
225x12 DROP 135x10)
Seated Crossover (36psx15, 32psx12, x12) Meant to warmup with these, but I forgot, so I did them after my first set of 275 on bench.
Incline DB Bench (90x10 DROP 60x10
110x8 DROP 60x7 DROP 45x7
110x7 DROP 60x8 DROP 45x7)
Machine Chest Press (225x10, 240x10, x9, x9)
Incline Flye (45x12, x9, 40x10, x9)
Pec Deck (80x15, 90x12, x12, x10, 80x10, x10, 60x15)
Dip (bwx7, +45x8 DROP bwx6)

DC Chest Stretch
DB Medial Delt Ext (25x12, x12, x12)
Machine Shoulder Press (150x9, x8, x8)
DB Rear Delt Ext (15x15, x15, x13)
Medial Delt Ext Machine (40x10, 50x9, x9)

BRUTAL Motivation

…you’ll probably be able to tell what the chorus is.

Glad you started up a log bud. Nice lifting and I’ll be following. Also, that metal version of how great thou art is awesome.

[quote]DoveofWar08 wrote:
Glad you started up a log bud. Nice lifting and I’ll be following. Also, that metal version of how great thou art is awesome.[/quote]

Thanks pal. Right back at ya!
I know, huh? Such an epic song, and I can’t believe it’s an actual cover of the hymn. Many pounds have been lifted to this song. xD



DB Spider Curl (30x12, 50x10, x10, 40x10)
DB Skullcrusher (40x12, x12, x11, 45x11)
Seated Tricep Press Machine [6-sec reps] (90x6, 110x6, 120x6, x6)
EZ Bar Cable Curl [explode up, 3-sec negative] (90x11, 110x10, 120x9, 140x7)
Hammer-Grip Preacher Curl [6-sec reps] (30x6, x6, x6, x6)
Single-Arm Tricep Cable Ext [explosive contraction, 3-sec negative] (50x8, 70x6, 60x6, x6)
Seated Behind-the-Head Tricep Ext (70x15, x13, x12, x12, x12, x12, x12)

Rope Twist (x4)
Accentuated Crunch [4-sec reps] (50x8, x8, x8, x8)
Decline Crunch (+45x12, x10, bwx12, x10)
Wrist Curl (25x15, x15, x15, x15)
Machine Crunch [6-sec reps] (55x6, x6, 45x6, 40x6)
Plate-Loaded Ab Rocker (25x13, x12, 20x12, x12)

SUPER sore today. Legs are still stiff, weak, and hellaciously sore. Oh, well. I’m off work today and tomorrow, so that’s sweet. Probably gonna take an off day today and restart Friday with either hams or quads.

BRUTAL Motivation

I get this song started right before a big lift or tough set. When 1:25 hits, I always get the biggest adrenaline rush.

Wellllll, I was supposed to take an off day yesterday, but I never can. :stuck_out_tongue: Went in with the intention of just doing some cardio and steam room, and ended up doing some light shoulder pumpz work and running for about 5 min before hitting the steam room. Felt great afterwards.

EVERYTHING on my body was sore, so I stayed light and just focused on keeping my rest periods down to the time it took me to walk to the next exercise.

Machine Shoulder Press (150x20 RAISE 180x8, 210x10, x9, x8)
DB Medial Delt Raise (25x15, x13, x11 10-SEC REST x6)
Reverse Flye (20x13, x12, 15x12, x12)

DB Press [6-sec reps] (40x6, x6, x6, x6)
Medial Delt Machine (60x12, 50x13, x12, x15)
Rear Delt Cable Ext (15x12, x12, x12, x12, x10)

5-min treadmill jog

BRUTAL Motivation

Sorry for dropping off the radar for a while; I’ve been kinda busy trying to get a new job and dealing with some personal stuff. Haven’t been skipping the gym, though! Weight’s still hovering around 210.
Leg Press Calf Ext (180x12, 210x12, 225x12, 240x12, x12, x12, single leg 105x9, 90x10)
Leg Ext (180x12 warmup, stackx20, x20 DROP 150x15, 240x20 DROP 150x6 DROP 105x4 DROP 75x5)
Standing Leg Curl (30x20, x20, x20)
Seated Leg Curl (180x20, 195x20, 240x12, x12, x12)
Squat (135x9 warmup, 315x9, 335x8, x8, 355x8, 335x8, x8, x8, x8)

Reverse Flye (15x12, x12, x12)
DB Press (70x10, x9, x9) Low ROM, all stress on shoulders.
Medial Ext Machine (60x12, 50x12, 30x20)

BRUTAL Motivation