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Epic Thread is Epic!!!


If you havent already seen it... go check it out


You'll be happy that you did. Celtics has met his match.


Thank you... I missed the height of the Celtics era. This guy is something else. Over three years of trolling.


Good looking out Greg


call him fat, he loves it.


That cannot be a real person.


I just want to call him, period.


He has a website and a forum, http://www.adarq.org/forum/index.php?PHPSESSID=00cb18a53ca318d90b1b73e2b990c93d

Quilting raid anyone?



this is interesting.


I didn't read through everything, but at this point my mind balks at this and to keep sane I must simply see him as a hard-working troll.
If he's real then I'll feel quite sad.


Yea I was thinking the same thing


Did anyone notice that MattyG35 is one of the haters on that dudes website?


He's been posting in the Vert/Speed thread and was COMPLETELY different than his RMP posts.

He was pretty helpful most of the time and talked vert/dunking quite a bit. He had some good info and posted lots of dunk comp vids in there. He and whiteflash got into it a few times over vert discrepancies and if you watch the video in the OP link he actually calls out WhiteFlash in it.

I think its at 5:25 he calls out white flash... Its so wild!


I'm down. What thread shall we start in?


OK so if you want to really get him pissed off.... Call his Vert into question.

Tell him that he's barely getting over the rim and that with the vert he claims he should be doing windmills and 360's.

Question the height of the rims he's dunking on. Tell him that those rims look like 9.5 rims and not 10's. Thats what got him and WhiteFlash into it and he FREAKED OUT! (obvious by his youtube comp vid calling out WF)

dont everyone do it at once but if someone starts giving him shit about fake verts he'll lose it. guaranteed.


Agreed, dude gets pissed when you say his vert is under 35. If you claim he dunks on low rims, he'll freak out. Kid is a total tool.

He's actually an anorexic, legit anorexic, so calling him fat really pisses him off.

Dude has issues.

Btw, he called out James Smith from EliteFTS on CF Forum, James Smith tore him a new one. This loser is obsessed with Jay Schroeder and SquatDR, he also calls out Alex Maroko all day long, and has a complete hatred for jumpusa, but it's just funny considering he barely has any hops and he's weak as dogshit.

aight brehs!


Hey, stop trolling an EPIC thread.

Go troll your OWN thread!

People these days. For fuck's sake.


Bleh good point, i'll get out of this thread. My bad.


Is vertical leap the only thing this guy is obsessed with?




What is going on